Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gone Pear Shaped

What to do when your best laid plans go pear shaped, when they blow up or take a hard left turn?  You own it, handle it, deal with it.  And then you move on.  Next!  Quite a few events have gone the way of the pear here lately.  But that's life, right?  Not everything can take the shape of a Slim Jim.

Today's illustration might have been inspired by all the things-gone-wrong lately.  Or it might have been inspired by my bing-watching madness of The West Wing and seven seasons of President Bartlet.  But in truth, it was inspired by the bowl of pears I saw in a furniture catalog.  Vapid, yes.  But I like pears.

Right now, I'm obsessed with the Podcast Serial, which tries to unravel the true murder of a high school student and the perhaps wrongful conviction of her ex-boyfriend.  Riveting, I tell you!

A big salute and heartfelt gratitude go out to our Veterans, today and always.  Thank you.