Friday, July 22, 2011



I'm so sorry I've been silent and haven't visited in a while.  Summers are usually busy with the girls home from school and travels and visitors and general idleness.  But this summer is especially busy in the very best way.  I am working on illustrating a book for Donna Shepherd, and I'm very excited about it (yes! I'm jumping up and down!).  Not only is Donna a pure treasure to work with, but the story she has created is so full of charm it makes my toes tingle.  I can't spill too many beans on it just yet.  So here's just a little sneak peek at what's been swimming in my head.

Also, the very lovely and inspirational Deepa gave me such an honor recently when she asked to interview me.  Please visit her gorgeously colorful world of Hues 'n' Shades.  Thank you, Deepa!

Have a fun filled and joyous summer (or winter for our friends down under).  See you on the flip side. I'm eager to catch up with you again!