Tuesday, November 22, 2016


How does one make sense of the world when things like this happen?  Once again, the lives of small, innocent children are suddenly gone and families are destroyed, just days before a major holiday.  My heart breaks for them as I try to imagine just how much anguish they must feel.  Only a few days before, happy plans for family gatherings and feasts were in the works.  And then a reckless school bus driver speeds and violently crashes, cleaving the bus in two against a tree and taking the lives of at least five beautiful children (update: six).  The madness of it all.

This Thanksgiving, there will be an extra heaping of gratitude on my plate for my family and the friends whom I cherish.  There will be no talk of politics or things that divide.  Just love, compassion, and understanding.

I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving together.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Illustration Friday: Aquatic

My dear friend Ces lamented that according to this blog, it's been her birthday for over five months.  And so, as sad as it makes me to put down my slice of birthday cake, I am putting up a fish.  There.  Happy, Ces?