Friday, May 20, 2016

Grubs and Tako

Have you ever eaten a grub?  I haven't, though I suspect I may have eaten silkworm pupae as a toddler.  I don't think she should eat her dining companion, no matter how plump and juicy he seems.  If she pokes him with her chopsticks, I fear he may just devour her like one of those giant sandworms.  Sluuuuurp gnash gnash mmmmmm

This week, my dog got sprayed in the face by a skunk.  I'm having a heck of a time getting the smell off his head and out of my car.  

Have a pleasant smelling weekend!

Gotta love the octopus!


Arija said...

Bella, as always your artistry amazes me and fills me with delight.One of the delicacies to our indigenous people are witchety grubs, fresh or roasted on the coals of a camp fire. Very nutritional although I have not as yet had that pleasure. XOX

Tim said...

I love how you bring life and warmth to animals that don't usually get that kind of attention. This might be the only grub ever drawn dining on (soba?) noodles with chopsticks. It triggers memories of the animated movie, Nausicaa.

Tammie Lee said...

So much fun!
You inspired a pause to consider what the grub family might do with the little girl. So far they all seem friendly enough, whew!

The Octickle has me smiling too. Seems like such a joyful tickle and i don't really enjoy being tickled.

darn and drat about the skunk! yucka!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Bella,

Such a sweet little illustration and love what you have drawn here.
Oh dear to your poor dog - do hope you have some success at removing the odour.
A friend had her cat wee on the front seat of the car and is having a hard job with removing the smell.
Sending hugs and hope you have a lovely weekend

Andrea said...

The grub in my garden yesterday was nowhere near this cute!!!!

aimee said...

hi bella! I just came across one of your prints & realized how long it's been since I've been here. so I'm just stopping by with a grubby hello. xo

Ted Blackman said...

I like the octopus goofin with the girls. Don't care much for grubs, though. I'm gaggin' just thinking about it. I've had cow tongue and frogs legs. Definitely doesn't taste like chicken. Once in high school I bought a hot chocolate from a vending machine and had it half drank before the foam settled and I saw a layer of ants floating on the top. I'm gaggin' again.

martinealison said...

Coucou ma chère amie,

Je ne m'imagine pas un seul instant en train de manger avidement des vers blancs !!! Dans ton oeuvre, ce gros vers blanc est très doué pour l'utilisation des baguettes !!
Pourtant, nous mangeons chez moi les escargot, les cuisses de grenouilles et tous les abats !... Mais je crois que c'est une simple question de culture.
J'adore bien évidemment ton dessin, même si je ne mange pas les vers !
Ton oeuvre avec la pieuvre est géniale ! J'imagine les "goulis-goulis" du bout de leurs tentacules sur les petits ventres !!... très amusant !
Est-ce un Bernard l'Hermite qui chatouille le pied de la petite avec la plume ? Très rigolo avec sa cafetière à l'envers !!!

Je t'embrasse,

Gros bisous ❀ ♡ ❀

Ps : Je suppose que ton toutou a eu droit à un bon shampoing !!! Bisous !

Arti said...

I absolutely adore the friendly neighbourhood octopine playing with the children, he's so darn cute!!!

Cindy D. said...

Eeek, no! So sorry for you and your dog. Happened to ours about fifteen feet from the back door. Smelled like burning tires about three days. Skunkish for another week or so. Yikes! Oh! This topic came up yesterday, strangely enough, and someone suggested a wash in mouthwash. I am passing on this information untested, however.

Meanwhile, your adorable people and creatures continue to charm and enchant me (and everyone else too I bet)! You are the most wonderful and uplifting of artists and I hope you continue to do so for many many years.

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you very much for the sweet birthday greeting. I love your illustrations and you! Only you can make a very scary octopus look adorable. Does the octopus also give massages? I would like to have one. As for the grub, I think one ought to be careful with chopsticks. What will happen if someone holding a pair of chopsticks trip and land on the grub stabbing it with the chopsticks? That would be a giant mess! :) Tsup! Tsup!

theartofpuro said...

I missed so many of your illustrations, You are great as ever :) I love your art.Hope you are ok,Hugs :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello!!! How are you darling Bella!
Okay I know it's been an minute or 5. It's been pretty busy and
interesting and all on my side. These beautiful illustrations
are still giving me life! Your illustrations always make my heart sing.
I hope that you and the beautiful girls have had a wonderful
summer. I just wanted to come by and tell you that I was thinking
of you! Sending you very much love!

Andrew Finnie said...

hi, love your work :) hope you are well :)