Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Illustration Friday: Monster

I'm big on recycling.  So here's a piece from long ago that I'm recycling for this week:

And happy birthday to my dearest and most wonderful sisterfriend!  I love her dearly.  And though we might not agree on everything, at the heart of it, we value the same things -- among them:  strong family, good friends, human decency, and compassion.  That, and her lively, sharp wit and wicked art skills make me admire and adore and respect her to the moon and back.   And look, Ces, I gave you some snails so you can do that thing that you love so much.  G'head.  I won't judge.  :)

Happy birthday, also, to Ces's beautiful sister, and my amazing and beautiful sister in law.  Whew, what a grand day!


Tammie Lee said...

oh my gosh, you charm us with three pieces!
Yes, recycle, it is so good to see a piece that i have not seen for a long time!
Your piece for Ces and your words for Ces make me smile! Happy Birthday Ces!!!

The final is so lovely and full of graceful lines, so sweet.
As summer nears i can't help but wonder if you will disappear like you often do. If so I wish you a wonderful summer with your girls, but know i will miss you and your art. But maybe you will stay and keep sharing with us ;-)

thank you for your kind messages, you inspired new consideration of my pieces, i enjoy that!

Ces Adorio said...

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! You are fantastic Bella Sinclair. My dearest beloved sisterfriend, thank you for this. Thank you for the birthday greeting for my sister and me. It is my great honor to share the limelight with "Monster". Hmmmn, is that a subtle reference? By the way, I was out there in the garden last night armed with my salt and torch lighter. You spoiled my fun. I did not use the torch lighter. Pffft. I love this illustration. It is awesome, just awesome. You even drew me with pearl necklace and earrings and my glasses! I love this very much. Thank you. Most of all, I love you. Tsup!!!

martinealison said...

Bonsoir ma chère Bella,

Ce matin déjà j'ai aperçu ta superbe illustration sur FB... Tu as gâté à sa juste hauteur notre chère CES... Une année de plus méritait bien un tel cadeau !
Elle est une forcenée du jardinage ! et pour éviter que les petits escargots viennent déguster ses belles plantations, il faut qu'elle crée des barrages de cendre de bois. Toutefois, je comprends ces gastéropodes ! Ils se comportent dans son jardin comme dans un restaurant gastronomique, tant tout est magnifique !

J'aime aussi beaucoup cette charmante oeuvre qui illustre ton joli billet.
Bravo l'artiste !

Gros bisous ☼

Amy C said...

what a fantastical recycling treat, happy summer Bella x

Shirley said...

OH Bella, your tribute to Ces is simply THE BEST! She looks so dashing up there withher cute spectacles and little snails helping her in her gardening endeavors. I love your sisterhood!!
Always so wonderful to see your fabulous work and to hear from you- I am OH so shocked and saddened about little baby beluga. I didn't hear about it so thank you for letting me know. I'm hopeful to see a new baby beluga at some point on this journey and hope that there will be beluga-a-plenty for our future generations, for they are such charming creatures!

I am wishing you a lovely June and summer ahead with your little ones...my littlest just became a Freshman in high school (well, in August)..so they are not so little anymore around here. I am cherishing every single day I have with them. I know you do the same. Hope you've got some lovely projects on your plate, and good ol' fashioned free time to enjoy the lazy days o' summer ahead. Hugs to you! And hugs to dear Ces..I hope she had a super birthday!! Tsup!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I was looking for some sunshine and I found some right here!!! I love Ces's birthday wish! How sweet!!!!
Now I am checking out this wonderfulness here. You are the bomb.com Bella.
I miss coming over to your blog and checking out your awesomeness.
I just love the feeling this gives me. Wishing you the sweetest summer with the girls and sending you always
lots of love my friend!

Shirley said...

Aww..you are SO sweet dear Bella..thank you for your lovely comments about Alice! Truth be told, I just kept filling in the little nooks and crannies and had fun. I must do more of that..just keep paintin, just keep paintin! Reading your words makes me SO happy! OK, well, come on summer! I hope it brings you lots of rest and relation and time to enjoy your littles. We just had a crazy 100 degree day..thankfully we're in cooler weather now, I'm just a little wilting flower when the 90's happen! So I will be hoping for a coolish summer ahead. Have a great rest of the week Bella!!

Nancy Grönholm said...

oh how i'd love to have such an adorable monster-friend! ;) The forest doesn't look like it offers a lot of great places for a game of hide and seek but what does that matter when you've got such a great friend? ;) Your art is always so sweet even your monsters make up smile! :D

Ted Blackman said...

I wish I had a giant tooth as a forest friend. That would be cool.