Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Illustration Friday: Reflection

There's nothing like the love between a girl and her -- wait, what the who?!

Remember the Snailtropolis from the last post?  When I panned out, I discovered what had caught the snail's attention.  I feel bad for those snail wranglers.  

On a separate note, my house is slowly being stripped for parts under my very nose!  I discovered several curious holes in my window screen recently.  I had no idea how they got there.

And then a few days ago, I heard rattling at the window and saw a couple of birds pecking at the screen.  Oh my goodness!  Birds were clipping little squares from my screen!  Maybe they had their own little windows to cover, though you'd have to wonder why they'd want to keep bugs out.  I mean, that's lunch right there, flying through the window.  It's even better than delivery, because you don't need to tip.  I did a little research and, appropriately enough, the little culprits responsible for this are called House Finches.  Pffft.  House Filchers is more like it.  

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


Lola Azul said...

Lovely, as always. Besides, in this week, I have had the gift of having my illustration next to your lovely work!!

Tammie Lee said...

so that is why they are called 'house' finches, they break into houses!for what nesting material?

fabulous piece, love all the doors and the mysteries behind each.

Janine said...

Hi Bella, I love your post.
The tomato Girl is so clever, just as your Little feathered neighbours.
Have á great weekend

Janine said...

By the way, the rocket- Robot-house is great.
Fly me to the moon....

Ces Adorio said...

My attention has been diverted to the screens. What are you going to do? It is so weird! They are such vandals. Perhaps you can put a huge eagle sculpture by the window to scare them?

I love little Miss Tomato head. I want a hat like that. I could wear it to work. It can'r be very heavy so I don't topple over.

Indeed, every girl must fall in love with some inanimate object. This one is so huge though. Draw one where the object is handy, portable and accessible. Perhaps one in pink color and battery operated.

I love your drawings. I love your little people. They have captured my brain and heart!!!


Ces Adorio said...

I always like to do everything in moderation, that's just who I am - temperate , calm and peaceful and never get overly excited. Huge is not necessary, just above average.

Oh my, it says I am not a robot!

Andrea said...

I wish I had a tomato head for bad hair days!

Soon spring will be upon us (maybe) and I will be battling the barn swallows!

Ted Blackman said...

I think every robot should have a pizza door, and a cuckoo clock to tell you went to eat. Your imagination was working overtime on this one, Bella. I LOVE it!

And I have to say, as much as I love birds... it would really piss me off if they started dismantling my screens like that. Of course, I'm from the generation where birds were less cocky, and knew their place.

Creations By Mit said...

Uh oh. Good thing snails are slow or that girl may be in for a lobotomy!!! The new piece is equally as interesting, from all the little windows to the reflection itself....very cool. There's a story there for sure.

Nancy Grönholm said...

Aww, loved your post, it had me laughing right out loud :D And the robot's hand holding her up - so sweet :) :)