Thursday, March 19, 2015

Illustration Friday: Strong

Strength is....  Hmmm.  What to write?

Strength comes in many forms.
Like the way I told my daughter after an especially trying day:

Or knowing how to face the possibility of failure without fear or judgement, 
and in fact, learning from it.

With so many ways to show strength, I wanted to find the perfect words.
So I turned to Google Autofill to help me.

Oh, wise Google, what is Strength?
And this is what it told me:

So there you go.

What's going on here?  Oh, nothing.  Just building an elevated path through a doughnut orchard.  I must say, the way she's lashing those spoons together sure is strong.  What's that?  Gravity?  Pshaw.  And doughnuts don't really grow on trees either.

I had my first doughnut in over a year last week.  Mmmmboy, it was so pillowy and soft and sweet.  It was just a simple glazed doughnut, but it was absolutely delightful, and so worth the wait.

To my beloved aunt, may you rest in peace and have joy in your next big adventure.
You are missed.


Andrea said...

Strength is booty!!!! (I am sadly unequipped there, now if it was boobies...)

Oh please let that enchanted adorable little worker reach me with her doughnut bridge. I LOVE DOUGHNUTS...and I have no shame!

Rest in peace to you aunt, may you have fond memories.

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Bella,

Ton univers me plaît tant avec tes adorables dessins.
Ta sensibilité est grande et j'aime la manière talentueuse que tu décris du bout de ton crayon tes émotions et tes pensées.
Tendresse, délicatesse et beauté caractérisent ton art et ton âme.
Ta fille a une maman sensationnelle ! ♡
Ta tante aussi devait être très fière de toi.

❀ Gros bisous ❀

Tammie Lee said...

sending light to your aunt and all who care for her.

oh yes, if we do not believe in gravity, then life is an entirely different adventure.

Love this creation, all of them.....
donuts in trees a charming idea.

Lisa M Griffin said...

wow that is some serious willpower... I think I might sneak in a donut (or munchkin) at least once a month.
Regardless lovely artwork and great positive message(s) for young and old.

Anonymous said...

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Nancy Grönholm said...

LOL! ... I guess I'm a bit of a weaking then haha. Gosh, that doughnut garden is amazing! Not much of a fan of them myself - except at winter fairs where they sell them warm and just made, that's worth the wait ;)

Creations By Mit said...

Where IS this doughnut orchard!!!??? I must go there!!!!!! ;)
Just love the places your mind wanders to!!!

Ces Adorio said...

Holy cannoli! Strength is booty?! I got the usual boring stuff. I wanted so much to visit a doughnut orchard this morning and someone with a beer belly told me that doughnuts are fattening. Pffft! Amazing collection of artwork in one post. What a tender tribute to your aunt. May she rest in eternal peace. Tsup!

Deborah said...

Oh my! Why have I not been by!?! How could I have forgotten how the magical randomness of your mind can lift spirits!?! Gravity has almost been pulling me under. Thank you for setting me free. Lovelovelove to you and your family; I am so very sorry for your loss.

**blows kisses**

Ted Blackman said...

Great imagination on this one. Strong booty!
and i'll bet those tadpoles can't wait till they grow hind legs.

Cindy D. said...

Oh my goodness, it's just genius! So amazingly adorably clever and happy!