Thursday, February 12, 2015

Illustration Friday: Noise

City noises fill the air,
Great big swirls of tangled hair.
I'd search the skies for just one strand
To hold your voice upon my hand.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!


Shirley said...

Bella!!! This is SO SO very cool! And you are a fabulous writer too! Not fair! :) I have been so delinquent visiting sincere apologies. I am flabbergasted by your recent posts..all just so fantastic. I'm in love with your perpetual wind up toy. Brilliant!
I am hoping you're enjoying this year so far. Your stuckage removal reminds me of my youngest who also has a mouth full of braces too! Sending you and your lovely ones a beautiful Valentine's day..full of sunshine and treats. I'll be digging into a box o' chocolates over here if someone gets some for me...hope so! I've hinted to my girls. :) Big hugs to you!!!

Shirley said...
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Tammie Lee said...

that is such a great poem
and Valentine!

wow, to draw all those hairs....
so enjoyed this piece and post

i love starting my day with what you share

sweet weekend to you!

Janine said...

I love the Poem and of cause the drawing, to draw noise is not that easy ;0)
I wish you a great Weekend

Lisa M Griffin said...

WOW! What a beautiful piece of art... the linework is just perfect. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely Valentine's Day.

Andrea said...

What a wonderful and magnificent tangle!

Ces Adorio said...

Aye, my lovely lady, I love your beautiful hair. Let me run my fingers through your hair and sing you a lullaby. Alas my froggy voice is worse than the noise.

You illustration is divine and your poem is outstanding. I truly love your brain and you.

Tsup! Tsup! tsup!

P.S. Isn't it so soothing and relaxing to draw lines? Do you play tricks in your mind too where you draw an interrupted line and then continue somewhere but it is a continuous line in your head.

Ces Adorio said...

When i clicked on your profile I saw your gender and it looked like Femfatale.

Ces Adorio said...

What?! Lick? What are you talking about?

Creations By Mit said...

So cool, Bella! I feel like you have conveyed noise without making a sound!! As always, I'm in awe of your linework!

martinealison said...

Bonjour Bella !

Ton dessin traduit parfaitement l'état de l'air en ville...
J'aime toutes ces courbes... qui apportent le mouvement de ce dernier.
Magnifique travail et réflexion.
Gros bisous ☼

Lola Azul said...

OMG!! That's great!! Love it