Saturday, April 26, 2014

Illustration Friday: Vanity

Did I ever tell you that some of my friends used to call me Ant in high school?  Ants love peonies.  So it was fate, then, that I would fall in love with the peony from the first moment I saw one years later.  Some people think peonies are too showy and flamboyant.  But I love peonies because when they start to open, they look like birds sleeping with their heads tucked in ruffly, soft feathers.  When we bought our first house with a yard back east, I planted 30 peony bushes in my bootcamp garden.  I called it bootcamp because I was a terrible gardener, and a lot of what I planted failed to thrive.  But not those bushes.  Every spring, I was heady with joy at the dozens upon dozens of enormous pink blooms which I bundled and gave away to neighbors and teachers.  I miss my peonies.  Unfortunately, they can't grow in the area I live in now.  But if I'm lucky, I will find a few bouquets at Trader Joe's.  In fact, I'm headed there now.  

Oh my stars, I drew a neck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In a Pickle

Would you rather....

...face an angry prickle of hedgehogs with dirty sporks...

 ...or a grove of well meaning teddy bear cacti who want to play trampoline with you?

Oh dear.  What to do.

This image was brought to you tax-free.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Illustration Friday: Sizzle

Making S'mores

Don't you just love that moment when the marshmallow catches fire and there's a great big sizzle while the sugary pillow caramelizes into gooey, burnt goodness?  Mmmm.  Unfortunately, this image has not helped my popularity in this household.

Ye gads!  Take a look at the Poppy image from the previous post.  Notice anything missing?  The wings, man, the wings!  I forgot to add in the wings!  I just want you to know that I did not pluck the wings off a fuzzy bumblebee for the sake of art.  I will have to remedy that this weekend.

On a final note, I had a guest post on a lovely blog called Jazz and Draw this week.  Jazz and Draw seeks to inspire the discovery of new music and albums and artists.  Please do check it out when you have time.  I created a drawing of a talented young singer/songwriter named Zee Avi, whom I like to listen to while drawing.

Have a great weekend!  Spring break is next week for us.  I shall be looking to break some springs.