Friday, March 28, 2014

Illustration Friday: Red...and more


I'm late to the party for Illustration Friday.  Well, for what it's worth, at least I finished it.  Bumblebees look so fuzzy and cuddly, don't they?  I wonder if I could pet one.


 I don't want to look at another butterfly again!  Not for a while anyway.


A couple of weeks ago, it was my daughter Emma's 12th birthday.  She requested that I draw a picture of Vocaloid characters, which are anime-style characters who sing using voice synthesizer technology.  So I obliged.  Here is Emma and her Vocaloid posse riding giant odango thingies (odango are japanese rice dumpling yummies).

And here is a drawing by the great Emma herself.  This is one of my favorites.  She's my drawing buddy, personal art director and little muse, all rolled into one.

Have a rollicking fun weekend!  See you next week when I will hopefully be Sizzling. 


Tammie Lee said...

love the cuddle with a bumble! pretty pretty and so sweet.

then the multitude of butterflies, i understand you needing a break and here i am looking forward to my first of the year ;-) yours are fun and adorable for me to see.

love your daughters birthday art, fun fun

and her art is awesome, how wonderful that they two of you have one another!

Happy Spring to you!

Andrea said...

Not only do I love the butterflies, but the name of the illustration is fabulous as well! Snuggle bee!

Your daughters drawing is incredible!

Ted Blackman said...

WOW! What a post! You've been busy. That Bumblebee
painting is one of my favorites. A stunning piece.
Did I tell you I love honeybees? I have a tree in my front yard that attracts them when it blossoms, and I'm constantly rescuing them when they fall into my birdbath in the backyard. I have learned how to pet them and scratch their little heads while avoiding their butts. We have a tight relationship, the bees and I.
Don't tell ME I don't have a life.

Ted Blackman said...

Hey Emma, nice drawing. You have talent!

Creations By Mit said...

So much eye candy! Love the bee, but being allergic to their stings, that piece makes me nervous! Those butterflies are a joy to look at! And I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Great work, Emma!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Wow! My goodness, gracious. These are amazing. I don't get you. You say you do not have time but here you are, you create magnificent, painstakingly fabulously detailed and colorful illustrations and so many of them!!! I am in great awe of your talent. The butterfly is wonderful, Poppy...Oh Emma, my goodness, she is absolutely stupendous. She is much better than most adult illustrators. Wow! Artistic talent runs in the family. You are all Amazons of creativity. So happy. Tsup!

Ted Blackman said...

Why yes, I do pet bees. Something my grandfather showed me when I was a kid. You might remember a couple of my posts about him. He worked in the Apiary (where beehives are kept for farming) of the Diamond Match Co.

k.h.whitaker said...

they are all so lovely. Yes bumblebees do look cuddly, but I'd be afraid to try to cuddle with one ;) I love the butterflies!

k.h.whitaker said...

oh, and tell Emma her drawing is awesome!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

MY GOSH GIRL! You are on a magical ROLLLLLL! WOW I really love what you are dishing out my love. It's soooooo beautiful! MAGNIFICENT creativity. I love them all. YOU ROCK lady, but then we all know that you ROCK LOL! Sending you many hugs and very much love.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

Emmmmmaaaa! You are so good! I love her eyes. And Bella, when my daughter was 4 she decided to pet a bumblebee. Ahem. It didn't end well for the bee. Love love love all the goodies you two have been dreaming up! (So many much patience have you.) xox

Cindy D. said...

Emma's little drawing is terrific! The hair is lovely, and she does way better arms and hands than I do. I need to practice. :)

The bumblebee is TOO CUTE. I fear in order for the bee to be pettable, it would need to be larger - hamster size? For me that would be terrifying but you may be much braver!

And holy cow those butterflies. I love it to death. I totally understand your not wanting to look at butterflies for a while but WOW! Smashingly adorable and beautifully designed.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wow, just delightful!
I think that those darling butterflies are my favorite. Thanks for sharing your work, it is always so cheerful to gaze upon. :)

Amy C said...

wow wow wow and wow!
Four awesome drawing in one post!
Your daughter sure is talented and ONLY 12!!!!!
Love the fuzzy bumblebee I have often thought, if I was really really really teeny weeny I would try my very best to make friends with one so I could get a fuzzy fluffy flight it would probably be quite noisy though.

rachel awes said...

happy 12th birthday emma, and love how the artist gift is in the family! and i'm also lovinnnng monarchy!!!
LOVE to you, dear bella xoxooo

Kathie Brown said...

Very cute! Nice drawing partner there!

Caroline said...

Hi Bella :) I'm taking a long overdue trip back into blogland and savouring your amazing illustrations!! Fab!!

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Again Belated Bday wishes to Emma...and what a wonderful picture! Love Emma's drawing as well..Like Mother, Like Daughter...Love the Red pic immensely!!!