Thursday, April 5, 2012

Illustration Friday: Return

Yay Hooray!  Friday, April 6, is my beloved and beautiful sister's birthday.  Ever generous with her wisdom and love, all I have to do is think of her gentle smile and warm hug and the thousands of miles between us disappear.  Happy birthday, S.  I love you.  High five.

Thank you for popping by.  Over at ASecretTeaParty, Donna Shepherd has put up an Easter coloring page.  If you would like, please click the link to get a download of the page.  Go ahead, color outside the lines and tell 'em Bella said it's okay.  Have a wonderful Passover and Easter weekend!


Ces Adorio said...


Happy Birthday to your beautiful, fantastic and wonderful sister. It makes me very happy to know that the day before "No Housekeeping Day, is her birthday!

Many happy celebrations.

I was reading about April birthdays. I know so many happy April birthdays. The month is started by my Father-in-law's birthday and it ends with my own Father's birthday. In between are some of the most wonderful, loving and beloved friends.

Happy birthday to your sister!!!


Ces Adorio said...

Oh I forgot. Gah! I love your illustration, of course! And I love you. TSUP!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Bella,

Happy Birthday to your Sister, hope she has a magnificent and happy day.
Love the sweet illustration, sisters doing a high five, couldn't get anything cuter.

Wishing you and the girls a very happy Easter.
Sending hugs & many blessings

Ces Adorio said...

Oooohhh! I keep finding wonderful things. I love the rams!!! Hahaha!

Nancy said...

hah, clever illo! And so sweet :)

Angel said...

Happy Birthday to your sis!

This is so sweet. Really beautiful.
Such a feeling of joy!
Instantly makes me smile.
The words, making me smile and miss my sisters. We are also very far away from each other.

Beautiful colors and the patterns are gorgeous too.

Arija said...

Hallo Bella my wonderful friend, thank you for so stoically supporting me through my darkest days. I am so glad you have a sister, it makes up for so much else in life.

Your posts always manage to make me smile and be happy for a while.

We have just (minutes ago) returned from a wonderful place by the Southern Ocean (484 pictures in 12 hrs.!)
I'll be feeding some through in dribs and drabs.

Hugs and lots of Ces type Tsups . . .

Indigene said...

Oh Bella, happy birthday to your sister! You are both blessed to have one another; cherish one another always! Sending you big hugs! :) :)

encaracolada said...
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rachel awes said...

you know how to celebrate someone...the recipe is all here.
a high five, ride a ram, w/stars + moon + bells + smiles, + riding together. ((deeeeelightful!!))
love to you + happy bday to your sis! xo

Lisa M Griffin said...

Delightful and oh so charming! It is always a pleasure to stop by and see your work.
Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

have a happy holiday weekend! xo, c

theartofpuro said...

What a great illustration!So full of happiness!Happy Birthday to your sister:)I wish you a Happy Easter!
Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog:)

Janine said...

This is so lovely. It would make a great music-box, too.
Happy easeter to you and your family Bella

Shirley said...

Adorable illustration, Bella. You never cease to amaze and delight me, and all of your bloggy friends. Happy happy birthday to S! If only we had magical flying machine that would zip us straight to our loved ones far away, and then zap us back to be with our families..let's call it the zipzap time machine! I cracked up watching Christopher Walken reading the book..he's hilarious. Thank you for that! And goodness, I'm heading straight on over to download your lovely coloring wonderful..thank you! I love this illo. You create such magic Bella! Happy Easter weekend to you and your little ones. : )

k.h.whitaker said...

Happy Easter Bella!
I love your little carousels!!! They remind me of little antique wooden toys.

I hope that your sister has a wonderful birthday.


Rabbit Town Animator said...

Oh my goodness! This is so cute, look at the expression of glee! I also love the carousel and this is a wonderful gift to your sister. So pretty as alwasy Bella. I like seeing your linework too for the Secret Tea Party :) Absolutely lovely. I am hoping you are having a great Easter this far. A shame you can't see the video...perhaps we shall see if we can get it transferred to youtube or something.....grrr.. I hope you get tons of chocolates this Easter!

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely birthday piece and message is so cute!
wonderful birthday to S!

lovely weekend to you !

Andrea said...

Oh, I so envision those sweet girls being just as excited every time they spin around and see each other again! I love the egg dying duo too!

Anonymous said...

Your sister shares a birthday with my daughter! baby girl is 13!
and she is as sweet as they come!

Caroline said...

Perfect! And congratulations on The Secret Tea Party! How lovely!

Amalia K said...

Sisters are awesome, aren't they? Happy birthday to yours... she's so lucky to have an awesomely talented sister like you! :)

Ces Adorio said...

Good afternoon!!!

Happy No Housekeeping Day!

Happy Sisterfriend Day!!!

Happy Happy End Of Call Day.

Completely missed the donut celebration. Had to to to the Land of Nod.


Shirley said...

: ) I wish there really were little egg-shaped peeps, Bella! You're so funny..thank you for your sweet visit today - I am wishing you a lovely Easter sunday with your family - hope it's full of wonderful food and fun. I cannot wait for my daughter's 4 layer chocolate cake. She's amazing, but she was upset with me earlier since I didn't take the time to help her get the ingredients down...(I was too busy cleaning)..oh well, we made up! It's smellin' delish in here right now. Sending you a virtual slice, and Ces too!, tomorrow - with a peep on top for decoration. : ) Hugs to you!! Tsup!

Rubin Pingk said...

Happy returns indeed. Very cute to go with your sisters birthday.

I adore the single carousels tipping gleefully as these two spin and spin and high five each other.

You capture the mentality of children with precision.

I'm 9 years old again when I visit Doodlespot.


Cindy D. said...

Beautiful and so fun! I love all the patterns and colors. Just wonderful, of course. Oh! And of course it's sheep (or maybe goats)! Sheep and goats are so cute and goofy they should definitely have their own carousels.

Ted Blackman said...

This is a fun one. I want to join them going round and round!:

"High five me!"
"High five me!"
"High five me!"
"High five me!"
"High five me!"
"High..... "

...okay, that's enough... I'm starting to get sick.

Kathie Brown said...

Happy Easter Bella!

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Wishing your sis a Yippppppppyyyyyy Birthday!!!! Hope she had a great day!!!!
Your illo is ever so fantastical with all the elements of fun and colour and dream like quality... it's purely magical:)

Deborah said...

OMGoodness, how I have missed visiting you. Pure Delight. Squeals of delight! Happy Easter, Dear Bella. Happy Everything! **kisskiss** Deb

Ces Adorio said...

Happy Easter dearest Bella. Tsup! TSUP!

Eric Barclay said...

Love both the illustration and the coloring page. Hope all is well with you!

Linda Hensley said...

I love the way you suggest distance in this, but obviously you and your sister can still touch. I hope she had a great day and that you both had a wonderful Easter!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to your sister, Bella! Love the high fives!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Arti said...

My first visit to your blog Bella. Many happy returns of the day to your sister. The picture illustration is so cute, shows the love between siblings.
Have a fabulous day:)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hello it's Wormy, yeah you use to know me as Vanessa. Yeah well.... uh, I'm still here under this rock of creativity where I have transformed into Wormy girl. It's not so pretty under here. I have missed all your loveliness for sure! This is most wonderful and uplifting and I really need that right about now. The colors are amazing and sweet. Great job! You sure do know how to bring out the girl in a worm. Thanks so much. Sending you many hugs and well wishes.
Love you,

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Hope she had a great b-day...and your illo is so sweet and fun!!

Megan Coyle said...

Yet another fantastic illustration :) so sweet. Hope your sister had a wonderful birthday!

Ces Adorio said...

Good morning. Tsup!

Amanda Dilworth said...

This is so cute, and i love to colour outside the lines :)

EL said...

Love it!! :)

Lori ann said...

where was i? how did i miss this? happy belated birthday greetings to your sweet sister. beautiful illustration bella, i love the sisters. sisters are the best. the BEST.
xxx lori

laughingwolf said...

super-b :)

yoon see said...

Thank you for your friendship to me Bella. There are a few close friends like you that cherish friendship!
For it's hard to find!!!

I return here when I can. I love to linger around and look at your past posts as well.

I can feel the connection too of you and I too!

So sweet like your relationship with your sister!

My prayer to you and your sister that God takes good care of you both and may all the goodness be filled just like this merry illustrated life!

I have something for you, please wait for a while ok!