Thursday, October 13, 2011

Illustration Friday - Contraption


This is what my daughter  Emma wants from Santa this year:  a soda drinking hat.  I'm always amused by the items on her list.  Once, she asked for an engine to make her bed fly.  Or a fireplace for her bedroom.  Or even a two-story clubhouse, complete with mini fridge and lights that clap-on-clap-off.  At least this year, she has scaled down her request to something that would actually fit on his sleigh.  Emma  designed everything on her hat, from the pinwheels to the dangling choco cornets filled with treats.  And even though I put tea mugs in the holders, she wants you to know that there's soda in there.

Ack!  Another Friday is upon us.  I hope I get next week's word done a little earlier next time.

Have a great weekend!


Ces said...

Well, Emma is a girl who definitely knows what she wants! I hope Santa gets her this contraption. I like her little tummy! It goes well with the mochi. Hahahahah! Ah. So wonderful and you capture her essence so well.

P.S. tell Emma, it will not be to her benefit, if after drinking iced soda from the cups, she will check her is better to do it after a cup of hot tea. Hehehehe!


encaracolada said...

Hi, I´m sorry for my absence, I´ve been moving to another house.

Great jobs full of imagination. The lamp is marvelous and ohhh that hat! Your daughter has your imagination. Smaaart.

Big hug!

yoborobo said...

Hahaha! I love this kid!! Tell her to get it patented. :) One year my kids decided they wanted mini-frigs in their rooms for Christmas. I told them if that happened, I would never get to see them. I think an engine that makes a bed fly sounds truly wonderful. I would never have to get out of my jammies! Weeeee! xox

rachel awes said...

i adore emma's wide open thinking. freedom. acceptance of what she imagines and loves. the poet mary oliver says to let the soft skin of our body love what it loves.
way to sip up the good stuff, dear emma!
& dearest bella, your illustration is, again, the sweetest thing ever. as are you.
big leapy love to you, friend. XOX

Genevice_G said...

Beautiful colors and nice illo.

Kathi said...

How precious! You have captured Emma's imagination so well! I would love to have one of these hats!
Congratulations on the book! I can't wait to see it!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Bella, Emma is precious and definitely has an very healthy, active imagination! (which is so good in children!)
I'm all for the soda-hat, or in my case, iced would make it easier to slurp and type at the same time!
Beautiful work as usual....what talent Bella! :-)


thewillowsnest said...

yay Bella's back! bella 's back , bella's back!!!!!!
Hope you had a crazy fUn summer with your girls!!!
I LOVE the lamp!! in stores soon I hope????

As for your magical contraption ..
gorgeous!!.. her chubby pink cushion thingy looks comfy! fabulous detail and colors as always!
My little one has asked santa for magic shoes that make him able to run like the wind and be able to do real big flips!!..( oh brother .)...hehe

k.h.whitaker said...

At least you are getting it done Bella. I haven't done IF in so long I don't even remember how! LOL I love Emma's hat. Everyone needs a soda drinking hat and it is such a nice one too. Of course having a super sized bon bon for a chair is pretty cool too!

Marie S said...

This is so darling. I can see Emma in this, all the love.
What a wonderful gift you have to be able to draw someone's thoughts and dreams.
Christmas??- aakkkk!!

Andrea said...

Now that hat is MUCH classier than the ones I usually see for the beer toting folks! That picture makes me smile!

deepazartz said...

Emma sure has your fantastic fantasy...Just look at her wish:)))) Love her! And your illo is so perfect for the occasion:)
Like mom, like daughter...
Love you Bella:)
Love to Emma too:)

Caroline said...

Absolutely THE best contraption! What a delightful illustration! Bella, I loved reading about your daughter's wish list - such imagination!

Lori ann said...

oh little girls with such imaginations...luckily grow up to be big girls who draw and paint.
it's so good to see you again bella.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

A soda cup hat!!! LOL! Oh I just love Emma. This is wonderful. I adore that fabulous illustration. It's where I want to be for sure. I would never look so cute letting it all hang out he he he he he! I was just telling Shirley over at blog, that your artwork has a magical effect on people. It really does!! It takes your mind off your situation and lifts you high. Kinda of a like Gok Wan bra. ( How to look good naked) I just love that show. But yeah... It just holds you in the right place and makes you feel good. This is the effect your work has on people. I love it. I love that you are disciplined. When you need to work on something you do just that and you can walk away and get what you need to get done and come back.
I appreciate that you are not so attached to blogland that you don't have a life. Sometimes stepping away can breathe life into a blog. One comes back full of expression that is fresh. Hope that you are doing well and I am glad for this awesome post.
Love you,

Shirley said...

Oh, she has style, Bella! Chocolate cornets avec soda..c'est magnifique! Lovely magical! I wish you a wonderful weekend too!

Ted Blackman said...

What Vanessa said!

..more later..

Ted Blackman said...

Well... not the part about the bra.

Diana Evans said...

oh it has been ages since I popped in!!!! I love this cute piece Bella!!!! I have missed your art and the wonderful way it can make us all smile !!!!!

Ces said...

One order of sauteed Psilocybe cubensis and deep fried earthworms coming up!!!

Well, you thought of it? :)


I love you!


Linda Hensley said...

I think I need a hat like this too, plus a lamp like in your last post. So cute. You have such a fun style, and I'm so glad to see you're daughter is so creative! The apple isn't falling very far from the tree :)

Tammie Lee said...

team work!
your daughters are amazingly wonderfully creative. I love this piece, contraption indeed!

Manon Doyle said...

Hey, Bella!!!!
Your daughter is one smart cookie because I think I want one of those also!!! Looks awesome!!!
I haven't seen you in so long!! I'm happy to be making my way back!! xo

Deborah said...

Awe, so delightful! Emma is a very wise little one (period, ~long story, coughed coffee on my *eyboard and certain *eys no longer wor* Getting new one today) When The Soldier was two he as*ed Santa for a ball, a red balloon, and a "toofbrush" You are always in my prayers Big Love, Deb

Megan Coyle said...

I definitely laughed a little out loud when I saw this :) you have a fantastic sense of humor and a wonderful imagination.

laughingwolf said...

love it, bella :)

seems emma will become a writer/illustrator, or an inventor or some kind, in due course

Indigene said...

Lol! I think Emma is a lot like her Mom! Hello darling, Bella! That contraption absolutely works for me! Sending you amazing hugs!

Barbara said...

Bella, that is so adorable! And Emma has such a creative and lively wish list! My kids only wanted things like dollhouses, baseball mitts etc.

anil ks said...

Bella,I've missed a lot of great stuff from you!!always glad to see your amazing talent.. love them all..

Cindy said...

i love the pinwheels and TWO straws!

Shannon said...

Adorable! Emma and my Kestan could put Santa out of business. Kestan has asked for an elevator this year. And he made sure we know he doesn't want a "pretend" one. He wants a "BIG, real one." Hmm...not sure how Santa will pull that one off. Thanks for making me smile. (as always)

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Oh Bella!!!! This is great and I want a contraption just like that! I love the pose and she is just too cute!!!! I'd love to give her a hug but higging people after they've had too much food is never a gppd idea...

Rabbit Town Animator said... that a mochi Emma is sitting on? I love I have to go get some.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Bella,

Emma must be such a sweetie and love her wish list to Santa.
How fun that would be to have a bed that flew. Imagine the places you could visit in your dreams.
Such a neat contraption and sweet illustration. Great to see you back!


Andrew Finnie said...

Hhheya Hya Bella, well you too are on a roll, or the little girl is, no hey, she is on a very large cake, very soft and ideally curved, it's like the golden mean, only round, that curve,... ahh I feel some poetry coming on. You better run :)

What a contraption. I think you should make one. Don't be shy! Imagine if you did! Wow, you could get on the Contraption Weekly magazine.

But seriously, your work always makes me feel warm and fuzzy and good.

Thank you.

My magic work is "Autee" which is what the lady next door pretends to be when she walks 'er poodle.

Amanda Dilworth said...

Love Emma's hat contraption, and beautifully illustrated as always:)

SonatasWelt said...

Your daugther is so sweet!!! And the illustration is amazing!!! I love this!!!
Sonata :)

Dusik said...

i would like a hat like that for Christmas too!
and a car :)

Janine said...

Oh this is the perfect party tool.
Absolutly gorgous.
She looks so happy.
You are full of magical phantasy.ö
I adore your power of imagination and your painted universe

Peter Breese said...

Magnificent Bella! Beautiful illo and always wonderful to visit your blog again after an overly long hiatus. I hope you and the girls are well! Keep the amazing work marching across these digital pages!

Rubin Pingk said...

This is lovely.

I have two little boys so I draw a lot of robots and superheroes.

If I ever have a girl, I hope I get to draw a contraption such as this!

My favorite part is the little treat wrapper. It serves as a great foundation for the whole design.

Love it!

Helmi said...

Great illustration!