Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A letter to Ces

Dear Ces,

How can it be that I have known you for less than three years, yet I feel like we have known each other for a lifetime?  At least one lifetime, anyway, perhaps more.  I suspect someone had mercy and sent you to me, knowing I'd soon need a friend to get through some difficult times.  And what a friend you turned out to be.  There is so much that we share, so much we have been through together, and so much that intrigues me about you still.   You can reduce me to tearful laughter with your playful antics  (remember what you did with your kneadable eraser one night?  and our comment-race to 1000?).  And the way you can charm a Micron pen across a piece of paper to make the most magical pictures out of mere ink squiggles still wows me, even hundreds of illustrations later.   Your vibrant paintings grace my walls and keep me company though you are far.  You make me strive to be a better artist, so that I can feel worthy of your attention.   You give me the confidence I need to do more, not just in art but in life.

I started to make something for you, intending to have it finished in time for your very special day, the second day of June.  But I failed.  I am still working on it and will send it to you when it is finished.  You are too grand, too wonderful, and too amazing to be celebrated in just one day, after all.

Happy birthday to my dearest Sisterfriend.  May the angels smile upon you and grant you your most desired wishes.