Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Illustration Friday - Burning

My kid: "What are those, chickens?"
Me: "What? No, they are not chickens! Gah!"

So last week, I invited a friend and her son over for movie night. I had it all planned. Before they arrived, I went out and got two large pies -- one combo, one cheese. And I got five different flavors of popcorn. Woohoo! To keep the pizzas warm, I shoved the boxes into the oven and turned the dial to "Keep Warm". Then I took the dog out for a quick walk before our friends arrived.

When I returned, smoke was billowing out of the oven. One of the boxes had caught on fire. I tried to whack the flames out with a towel, but that only made it jump to the other side of the box and black ash spew everywhere. Yikes! Finally, I grabbed a cup of water and threw it on the fire. Sssssssssss. Out. I shed a quick tear for the half-pie I lost and tried my best to pick out the ashes from the remaining slices. Eh, they'll never know.

As we were watching the movie, I heard my friend's son mutter, "Why does the pizza taste like smoke?"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Illustration Friday - Afterward, ad nauseam


Lemme 'splain.

See, I was out walking the dog when I suddenly had this image of two little girls wanting to go back in time. And I thought, 'Hmmm, what would be the opposite battle cry of Forward? Would it be....Afterward?"

So then I started drawing this thing, and afterward I said to myself, "Hey dummy, the opposite of Forward would be Backward, not Afterward." Oh well, too late.

Afterward, my older daughter gave me such a look of pity and said, "Umm, yeah. You kind of messed that one up." HA!

What's that? The aardvark? Well, I just think they're cute.

My little one asked me to post this recent drawing that she's quite pleased about:

Afterward, I decided to add a few embellishments. Because everything looks better with laser eyes, in my opinion.

She's going to give me laser eyes when she sees this.