Thursday, October 21, 2010

Illustration Friday - Spooky

Hanging with the Fungi

I know, I know. More creepy than spooky. But really, my laundry pile spooks me.

Last night, I got exasperated at my little kid, telling her she rushes through her homework. She promptly stomped upstairs in a huff and came back sometime later with a hand delivered message. That's her on the right, and the funny thing is, that's exactly how she looks. That's me on the left. Note my diminutive size.

Have a wonderful weekend. And thank you for your kind words of encouragement!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Bella,

You are both so sweet - hope that the homework issue and the pile of laundry gets sorted.
Nearly the weekend, dear friend and I hope that you have a happy one!


Ces said...

Oy yay! I have no words, just a heart filled with mirth even if the promt is spooky. I agree, Epsilon 2 may be working hard on homework. It's all relative. Get that store going...I am pounding at the door!!! Funny how you admire other artists when they cannot measure up to your creativity and whimsy. Cliche is never a word to be associated with your creation. Sue and I were sighing over your work at the office this morning.

Ellen Byrne said...

Fungi IS spooky! Darling piece and I love your daughter's piece too!

Bethany Hissong said...

I adore those mushrooms!! This is such a great spin on spooky! And your daughter must be close in age to my daughter... we're living parallel lives! BTW I met Meredith the other day and realized when her mom, a friend of mine, mentioned her love for you that it was she who drew you that picture on your blog! Small world!

Marián Lario said...

Ooooooooo this picture is so sweet that it can not be terrible:) jajajajja even the most horrific things can be beautiful:)

a hug
Children illustration step by step

k.h.whitaker said...

Bella, what on earth is she going to do with those worms? This looks like something my darling daughter would have done, she used to love to play with worms.

dthaase said...

love the illo

Diana Evans said...

oh Bella!!! even your spooky stuff makes for something sweet!!! I love your work....

and I see your little one is just as creative as Mommy!!! so exciting to see them create!!!


laughingwolf said...

talent runs deep in your family, bella, but you already know that... she's gonna be super in no time!

btw - who's this fun guy you're hanging with? :O lol

Robyn said...

Bella you are a whole lot of fun.

My laundry pile spooks me too ;)

have a wonderful weekend.

love to you and your babes
x Robyn

cindy said...

she is going to be a star! i love it, but sorry for the drama.

cindy said...

whoops ... your new blog design is fantastic, too!

Anonymous said...

lady! you always inspire me with your great illustrations!This one did again!
Sure, fungi is spooky!:)hehehe

Giuseppe Bianco said...

No one combines creepy, cute and wonder the way that you do.

Ces said...

I have been studying both these illustrations and the attention to details are just incredible. First of all, on Epsilon 2's drawing, she made sure she drew your bangs, the pocket on your shirt and a necklace! Then on her drawing of herself, she managed to catch the expression though only with a few simple lines. Wonderful! It must be a child's self esteem and perception of self worth when she sees herself able to stand up to her tall and towering parent. One can only admire that.

Ah then your fun guy, as Laughingwolf puts it, (so cute) - the textures. You captured the texture so well. The blue rodent-like creature pulling the earthworms and the earthworms themselves complete with segments and the clitellum!!! My goodness... and your line is made by an arachnid? Eeek - are you facing your fears of the creepy crawly with this illustration? Hahahah! I love the different types of mushrooms, albeit poisonous yet this illustration is endearing and satiates my need for mirth and whimsy. I grew up with mushrooms, there were so many in the tropics but I don't remember eating the edible variety in childhood even though I know my mother must have prepared them; only in the US. I love mushrooms. You are such a winner through and through. Hey, I wonder if someone ever named their child "Annelida"?

Ces said...

Goodnight, dearest Bella Sinclair and the correct usage should be "and the attention to details IS just incredible".


Lori ann said...

Oh my goodness, so this is where most of the world's talent lives!!

You and your girl are brilliant, I always LOVE your art Bella, but now to see your "little kid's" too! she is a real chip off the gifted block. My gosh.

I remember trying not to laugh when I got these fun notes from my own children (which were most serious at the time).

It's really hard to believe you are not doing this for a living. Are you?


Owl Eng said...

oh no! the sight of those earthworms really sent the chill down my spine...i have phobia of earthworms!!
but i still love this beautiful illo of yours.

Maria Bogade said...

This is so lovely Bella! And the drawing of your daughter is so cute!

theartofpuro said...

Amazing piece!It's spooky:)
Your daughter's very talented:)

Karen said...

I LOVE your fungi + worms. Terrific.

Barbara said...

Ah Bella! You WOULD have a creative daughter! :)

Love your take on spooky! Definitely creepy but still, you make me smile with delight.

yoborobo said...

Bella! LOL! I love your daughter. Hee hee! And I think she has 'future graphic novelist' written all over her. :) Here is what I tell my kids: take all your complaints about me and write a book. Make some money! hahaha! Speaking of which, we ALL want to buy prints of your work. Please let me know if/where you sell. I will start rolling my pennies. Off to warn the worms about that little girl. xox!

Ces said...

Do you think I may commission Epsilon 2 to draw a portrait for me winniong the Kirby war against her? Hahahaha!!!

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Oh my! Creepy laundry alright. I hope they were handwashed at least!! I admire that it's not the usual cliche for spooky. And I looooove your daughters drawing! It's charming and precious.

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh giggle snort...I understand that...geesh. Hugs to you hon!! Hang in there! I have to say...she is her Mama's girl..what talent!!
I totally understand Bella..I cannot do dark if I always turns out cute somehow! I loooove this wonderful spooky fun!!
Hugs to you hon, Sarah

faerwillow said...

~atleast she has a clever creative healthy way of expressing herself and communicating! laundry piles...i don't think i have ever seen the bottom of ours ever since our second was born and that has been a little over five years...FRIGHTENING IS MORE LIKE IT!! your drawing is she hanging worms??? to cute! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Krista said...

Hand-washed worms on the line!! I never thought they would do well in the dryer, and I was right. Thought I'd save some time-- what a mess!

Gotta go get a whole new set.

Björnik said...

Hahaha! You're going to creep out Santa with those stockings Bella! And it's too early for Christmas!:P

And what an adorable piece of art Emma made especially for you.wahahaha

encaracolada said...

I even love the worms!!! really nice.
Hehe, your daughter is following your steps, no doubt!
Big Hug

Arija said...

Bella dear your work always makes me smile. It has a universal timeless quality and somehow reminds me of illustrations in a favourite story book of my grandparent's era, at the beginning of the of the 20th century.

Absolutely charming.

tera said...

That's kind of funny. I don't blame her though, for wanting to get her homework over with as fast as possible.
Love the mushrooms! :)

tera said...

Your imagination is wonderful...what dreams you must have!

The Original Drama Mama said...

Blech. I hate worms! My oldest Miss A has no problem with them, she loves snakes of all sizes.

The "spooky" mushroom makes me think of the X-Files episode about the giant mushroom living in a hillside that slowly digests people by reeling them in and making them hallucinate...anybody else see that one?

justdoodleit said...

Earthworms hung on clothesline are spooky
and the drawing is charmingly kooky!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh now here I come late usual! Hiya Lovely Lady, climbed out from under my 4 foot pile of papers to come pay a visit to you. You are so right laundry is spooky, but we all must man up and make it do what it do! he he he he!!!!! No one ever does creepy, spooky and cute like you Ms. Bella. I can just hear the crazy spooky circus fairy enchanted music in the background!
I sure hope that those mushrooms are the friendly kind. They are really creeping me out!
This is awesome!!!! I love it.
I know how my little friend feels and they do work hard. Zoe works hard too. Hard so she can get the chance to watch something on tv or play a game. Sometimes her chicken stratch is so bad I have to make her do it all over again. Then she does the same thing, get's mad and takes off for the stairs. I often tell her,"One fine day you are going to thank me for teaching you how to take your time and get it right the first time. I promise you." She ain't feelin' right then you know?
I love the way my little friend expressed herself. She captured you PERFECTLY I might add he he he he! I 'd know those bangs anywhere he he he he!!! Oh boy she's got it honest! She's amazing and so you for that matter. GO FAMILY!!!!!!
You Rock MOM.
Hugs and much love to you all.

Amalia K said...

Hark! Who goes there? Aah, it's the worm lady trying to get all her spineless friends dry and ready for the luau? Good thinking to hang them in the dark, I'm sure sunlight is a no no. Heheh.

Well you sure have a way of making yucky stuff pleasant to see and scary ones delightful to stare at! I for one LOVE the fungi... they're like giant clams ready to snap at you! Love, love, LOVE!!

And that is one smart little lady you have there... back in the old days, I would probably get a spanking for doing something like that!! Hahaha... thank God the old days are no longer.

Hugs, oxx

Caroline said...

Love your illustrations! Spooky is cute - love the colours you've used. Your daughter's note made me smile!

esque said...

Cute - your dark stuff is really awesome :) I love the mole pulling on that worm - go get 'im! I love your daughter's drawing if herself with her arms all thrown up in exasperation: I work hard!! Awesome! She should have her own illustration blog!


haha love these worms. oh Bella this is just perfect! I adore your work and enjoy my visit here each time. Your daughters drawing is great too!

RockerJewlz said...

That daughter stands up for herself. She assessed the situation and expressed herself artistically as opposed to throwing a screaming fit. I like it. But that's easy to say objectively!

Johanna Urban said...

Hello Bella!

So amazing cute! The worms are crazy but I love them, but only because you have made them!! ;)

Another lovley illustration!! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

johanna, sweden

Lisa Holtzman said...

How do you do an illustration that's creepy and charming at the same time???

Juan said...

Wonderful work Bella, as usual!

Ces said...

Good afternoon. I am just starting my day. I hope you are having a great Sunday. Fly baby fly! Tsup! (That's sterilized kiss)

Jack Foster said...

I'm late! I'm late! Had a blast "analyzing" your spooky illustration! You have such a wild imagination! ... and such a wonderful talent! i see where your daughter gets it! Your worms are fantastic! (I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth) The detail and texture and color are so perfect! What laundry soap do you use to get them so clean? Another great one Bella! Have a great week!!

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh Bella, are you famous? Well this is just gramazing! (thats great and amazing) so clean and crisp and well thought out and just full of un err that should read "fun" but my keyboard is on holidays just like my mind - in fact my mind has gone to grati - which is a conbination of greated cheese and ichebana.

But seperbly, this is just seperbly!

see you when I get back from blogiholidayszo! In the mean time I will leave you with 'grati' -


anil ks said...

..this is so sweet,bella..your work always make me happy!!great work!!
..your daughter's drawing is so lovely!!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Great piece!
Me too get spooked by a pile of laundry - it nevers seems to stop.

Megan Coyle said...

What a fantastically spooky piece

and your daughter's drawing is too funny - it made me laugh :)

Peter Breese said...

Wow, I'm not a big fungus fan... but you've got me in the bleachers! Beautiful work Bella.

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

bella, you came up in conversation with the wise, wonderful women i was with this past weekend...we were all gushing over your art and wondering when oh when you will ever open an etsy shop or something where you can let us all buy your fabulous creations. i hope soon. please say soon. ;o)

Amalia K said...

Morning, sunshine! (well it is here..). Are those worms all dried out and ready for the luau? Hehehe... Thank you for that lovely thought you left me about nature. I'd like to think that you really do have giant mushrooms decorating your backyard. And maybe a huge caterpillar perching on it, puffing and puffing away his hookah?

Well, have fun today! oxox

Ingenue said...

I love mushrooms sauteed in butter!

Ces said...

My favorite eight year old showed me how to pick apples!



Ces said...

 Good morning! I can't believe my apple picking lesson stuck! I still remember it. Ooops....pager going off again...

Shannon said...

How adorable. Really love your daughter's note! BIG thank you for your recent comments regarding my birth story. Hugs to you.

Ces said...

I love your bangs, so wavy. I love your legs. They are so...straight!

I am going to roast a turkey this evening. Thanksgiving in October!


Ces said...

No! It's just a breast on the bone and it's in the bag. Maybe 2.5 hours? Your apple pie was delicious!

Ces said...

I ate your apple pie for lunch. Thank you!

Captain Dumbass said...

I may be losing it, but I'm pretty sure I commented on a post that came after this.

Marie S said...

Oh Bella this is so fun. It looks as if she is hanging the worms out to dry.
Love and hugs.
Kids are fun aren't they?

Angela Matteson said...

Well, at least it looks like she's got some good help wrangling up those earthworms. Just an ordinary day, huh?
Great illustration as always!

thewillowsnest said...

haha.. your little precious has mummys great talent!
How clever to give her mother such an important message in a 'visual way'.. too cute (even in her stroppy state)!
Your spooky'' is just delightful!
Her wee pinny strings tied around her waist ..awww.. and the colors!
You have your own magical "Bella palette" .. which I JUST LOVE!!!
( yes I was shouting!)
The Mushrooms..(sigh)
I love mushrooms..
I love your mushrooms even more..
The little mole!!!! Stop with the gorgeousness already!!
No don't ever stop.. just open your shop!!
It seriously BLOWS my mind when you said you've only been drawing a couple of years!!! you were just sitting on all this talent!!
( well I guess you don't paint with your butt .. so not 'sitting; :) That was so inspiring to me!!
Thanks for visiting my orange!
Yup lucky this pup has a real cute face cause his poop aint so cute..
On the carpet ..eek !!!!
Ciao Bella!

Brian Lue Sang said...

Wonderful illustration, Bella!

And your hand-delivered message is PRICELESS!! :)

nessadee said...

Your daughter is quite talented like her mom! As always, you have very beautiful work!

Amalia K said...

Bella my sweet, thank you so much for being concern about me... fortunately, none of us were affected by the earthquake, volcanic eruption and the tsunami, since we live in a different part of the country. Although it's devastating to imagine all those three major disasters happening one after the other. Quite a blow to us, considering it's happened so many times just within a few years... Again, thank you. HUGS!

Tammie said...

I just love mushrooms, so you won my heart right away. The wee girl is cute as can be.

Then the bit between you and your daughter, thanks for the chuckle. It has been so long since i have had a wee one in the house.

Karin Bartimole said...

that is priceless Bella!! She's really got expressions down! It's pretty wonderful that she is using art to process and express herself with you. That's a whole lot better than a shouting match or something!! I hope peace has returned to the home front, and that you make it through your laundry before it takes on a ghoulish life of it's own :) Happy Halloween!! xoxox Karin

SOFIA said...

omg amazing blog))

Ces said...

Good morning!!! What day is it? Goodness gracious, my laundry has managed to look like this now, except aside from worms and fungi, I also see moss and lichen and I have a mountaintop full of it! Good morning!!!

I miss something very important last night. My battered brain awakened me for it at 3:00AM! ACK!!! I must now saunter into the kitchen and be awakened by the aroma of fresh grounded coffee!!!

Today we shall celebrate life with art!

Tsup! Tsup!!!

aimee said...

HAHAHAHA!! i love that your girl can channel her angst toward you in a drawing - and an awesome one, too! apple doesn't fall far :)

p.s. the tiny scrunched up face at the bottom really got me howling - so much feeling of injustice packed into just a few lines!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

BOO, BOO, Boo,BOo, Boo, Boo, BOOOOOOOOho OH BOOOOOO! Bbbooooo BBBooo, BoooHOOO, BOOO, Boo Boo Boo, BOOOO! BoO OH Booo, BOO!!!!!
That mean I love you! he he he he he!
Boo he he hehe!!
Love you

Raluca said...

ah, what a funny story!Bella, your girl was great in her response:)))!!!!By all means!Love your sweet&spooky laundy piece too!
Especially the very art-nouveau way you draw the mushrooms!!!Great details!
Have a beautiful start of november!!

lauren carney said...

wowzers, there is so much overt awesomeness going on on your blog - i love it!
keep up the fantastic posts you! x x

Marie S said...

Happy Halloween, have a wonderful day with the girls!!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I love you girl, I knew you could understand fluent Boo!
he he he he he! I miss you sooooo dang much. I was looking at the pictures of you and the girls and my heart went "Ting" Missing you so very much! Hugs and plenty of Booness!

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Halloween! hope that you had a fun weekend and many thanks for saving me some candy.

Enjoy your week

Ces said...

My day is incomplete if I miss to visit you. Your art has become my habit. Thank you for indulging me. TSUP! Watch out?!!! APPLES ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!!!!

Ces said...

Huh? Somebody bit on every apple...

Marián Lario said...

Hi Bella!

I write from the blog Prussian Blue Cat because I just made a post about the monsters in the stories in which I have named, linked and attached some of your pictures, I leave the link

Hope you like it as it has been,
a big hug,

Marián Lario

Manon Doyle said...

Hey Bella,

I love your daughter's reaction. I made me laugh. My kid is 19 already....the teenage years are pretty trying at times.
Your piece is fantastic....they all are!

Johanna Urban said...

I have a suprise for you on my blog ;P

a hug

SaraLynn said...

Oh my goodness, this is the funniest story! And I love that you illustrated it! I feel like this is a scene that could have gone on with me and my own mother so many times during my childhood, tehe...

Ces said...

Hahahahah! Good morning! I like it here better, spongy fungi, elastic worms, blue moles, and I love to bite those legs and nibble on the toes! HAHAHAHA! TSUP!

Ces said...

Aaah, it is still morning! Hahahah. I just wanted to say I love it here and I love you.


Later, I shall describe my lunch. HAHAHAHAA!

Francisco Martins said...

He he he! Hi Bella!
Looks like your little girl has a strong personality :P
Prepare your self emotionally for when she goes trough puberty :D

Awesome illustrations as always ;)


Ces said...

Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! I am outside - am outside and I hear the humming of the freeway--- what great weather - cool bright and sunyy!!! No worms no fungi I am surrounded by manicured lawn! Aaah tell Francisco that strong feisty and smart girls become strong feisty and smart teenagers and they are a delight!!! TSUP!!!

BT said...

Oh I just love fungi. I'm always taking photos of it at this time of year. I hunt it down! Such a gorgeous picture. I had to laugh at the illustration of you and your daughter! I'm sure she works very hard!! I've done lots of ironing this evening. Grump grump. ~hugs~

Edrian Thomidis said...

I loved your work as always. But this time, I was really taken by your daughter's note. I've seen the hand delivered note too many times at my house. I actually have a box of them. I'm so glad to see it happens to other people! Too cute!

Caroline said...

Dear Bella:
You are a very, special Lady!
I know why you are so loved!
Words can not express what your card did that day, for me.
Your warm words and thoughts brought tears to my eyes!
It came just, at the right time…
I’m sure you understand!
Thank you for your donation too!
Truly appreciated, your friendship means the world to me.
Thank you again!

Ces said...

Good morning!

Ces said...

Hello again!
It is morning again!
Good morning!

Arija said...

Just dropped by to say hi and hope all is serene and well with you.

Love . . . Arija

Ces said...

Hello! Good afternoon. I am home! I am going to make quiche. Okay, so what, right? Well, so. I wish you and yours a lovely evening!!! Oh, I think I am going to saute mushrooms but first I will eat a gummie worm.

Ces said...

The fifth of November!!!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Another day,
Another dollar.
To school,
Take your scholar.

linda cardina said...

your little one is following in your footsteps. she is GOOOD!! look out!!!! she had the artistic gene and is learning from THE BEST. wow!! can't wait to see her grow as an artist. cool.


Ces said...

98 oaks

Ces said...

99 oaks

Ces said...

100 oaks

Ces said...

Something has to happen here soon because I am beginning to look like a stalker.

Oh wait, a stalker does not comment. I mean Spammer. Oh I was a spammer this morning and I got sick, even though it was Lite. Ugh!


She got up harcrirb!

Crud, I mistyped it. now mixestor

She decided to listen to the mixestor instead of the transistor radio.

Hmn. Corny.


Ces said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ces said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ces said...

Ahhhh! Ah yes you are, first pressed too! OMG!

Ces said...

I had to delete my words, I get turned on by my own words.


Jeces Krist! WHat is happening to me?

thewillowsnest said...

You so famous!!!!!!!!!!
haha ugli fruit!! I used to LOVE them! never see them anymore ..great idea Miss Bella!!:)

Amy C said...

oh my golly goshness I LOVE both, clearly she is a talented little girl just like her uber talented Mom.
I'll have a worm and mushroom salad please!

Marie S said...

I am honored to have your loved one on my page!
Thank you!
Turn turn turn.
I hope all is perfect with you and the girls!
Blesings all over you dear one.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Laundry is AWFUL! It is the one constant thorn in my side. So happy to have a fellow kindred creative spirit in you. ;)

Deborah said...

**squeals with delight** Cankles have never looked so good!!! Oh how I love your take on life. I love your fungi. Now the frog in my pool, that was spooky. Bella, you really are a genius. Please open a shop and offer prints for sale, thank you very much.
**happy smiles** Deb

Silke said...

Love, love, LOVE!! Your illustrations with the spooky fungi and your daughter's message! She's as creative as her mom, isn't she?!? Sending much love, dear friend!! Silke

voz said...

Ok, I'm catching up because I've been away from here for a while and instead of just saying all sorts of gushy things on each and every post of gorgeous artwork, I'll just say one great big: OMG! YOU ROCK! and that will have to cover it.

Seriously, I'm so glad there's a you in the world.