Friday, March 12, 2010


I close my eyes and dream of you,
Oh, the wondrous things we do.

It has been a solemn week. Our beautiful friend Renee passed away, and hearts were heavy with sorrow around the world. My deepest sympathies for her husband and children and grandchildren and siblings who have endured so much over the past year.

On a lighter note, today I get to make a wee little girl feel like a princess on her birthday. I am so very lucky. Happy birthday, Emma. I love you.

Searching the heavens for new stars


yoborobo said...

Oh, Bella, this is just beautiful. Wishing Emma a wonderful birthday! :) Pam

laughingwolf said...

so sorry for your loss, m'dear friend :(

and emma, have the greatest birthday ever! [ol wuff sez so ;) ]

Ces said...

Oh this is sooooo beautiful. I love the teapot and the teacup, actually I love everything.

The feeling of serenity overcomes my heart.

The green is so intense and rather comforting because it feels so rich.

But look at her face. She sure is dreaming.

Ah our beloved Renee, so masterfully rearranged our hearts and now she sits comfortably in them making us smile and giggle at inappropriate times. I love it and I love her and I love you...

but Ta da!!!

Today is my favorite eight year old friend's birthday. I kept telling everyone today is my friend's birthday and they kept asking how old is she? I say Eight and they say Eighty. No eight! and they say "You have an eight year old friend?"

Of course I do! I am six!

Happy birthday dearest Emma. I have an elephant for you, not a cooked elephant though, just an elephant.


Deborah said...

♫ ♪Happy Happy Birthday, Emma! ♫ ♪
May all your dreams come true, little one.

Bella, so beautiful. I am trying to read the words...comfortable...yes, I am most certain Renee is comfortable hanging on the sliver of the moon where I saw her two mornings in a row. The birds were not singing as I walked past...they were saying
HAR HAR. All my love to you, Deb

Marie S said...

What a beautiful tribute to Renee, I started to get all emotional all over again, but in a good way. I love your picture of Renne, it is perfect Bella, so perfect!!

Happy Birthday Emma!!! Have a very good day.
Today is Madisyn's brithday too.
Happy happy birthday to two beautiful girls... our little ones.

thewillowsnest said...

Ahhhhhh... yes ... the little butterflies.. so perfect and beautiful.. I just so adored your story about them Bella .. and then seeing mine.. beautiful synchronicity!!
Aww.. the sweet face .. she looks so content.. her soft hair.. I love this..
I'm so sorry your amazing buddy had to go..:(
like the words in a soulful song I heard the other day..
"it's gonna get better..
I really need it to..
better for me ..
and better for you..
it's gonna get better."

Lots of love, Helen
PS( I added some more to your comments over at my place)

thewillowsnest said...

Oh I forgot .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet one!!!!
yay!!!!!! 8 fabulous years old today!!!!

Susan said...

Bella this is so incredibly beautiful, I love the composition, the lettering, the soft focus in the foreground - everything!

Happy, happy birthday to Emma!

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, you are a sweetie!

aimee said...

i knew you would doodle the most beautiful tribute to renee, and here you've done it, filled with flowers, peace and light. and happy birthday to sweet emma! enjoy and do something decadent!

Lori ann said...

I was thinking the same thing Bella, looking to the stars. This is the most beautiful painting ever, I love it so so much. It is my favorite. I know i always say that, but this really is.

Happy Birthday to your little princess. Such a beautiful beautiful post...

k.h.whitaker said...

lovely illustration, so sorry about your friend, and happy birthday to your little one

Krista said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! Aint eight great???

Bella, it is a true blessing to love so deeply. It comes out so clearly in your art. Shine on!

k.h.whitaker said...

Susan already gave you the award but I listed your blog as one of my favorites anyway.

Manon Doyle said...

Beautiful post, Bella! We will all so miss Renee.

Happy Birthday to Emma!! : )

Arija said...

Bella dear,
I too have been looking at the starlit sky and wondering which one???
It is like a piece of us went with Renee and the lack of it somehow keeps her ever close.

I am so glad there is some cheer in your life.

Love Arija

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Very pretty. Renee indeed will be missed by people near & far. She has touched so many lives.

Blessings to you as you & Emma enjoy her birthday.

Silke said...

Oh, Bella, just so beautiful!! Happy Birthday, Emma!! Thinking of you every day!! Love, Silke

Caroline said...

Bella - adorable illustration - I love how you've used the writing as the background, but best of all I like the little tea set! Wishing your little Emma a Happy Birthday! Isn't 8 just the perfect age?!

Diana Evans said...

Hi My sweet sisterfriend Bella!!!

This is beautiful and Renee will always be in our hearts forever...

I always feel so at peace when I see your art...

I wish EMMA the most amazing Birthday ever....Cole sends a big hug to Emma too....

Bless you and may you find some peace....


linda cardina said...

this is so beautiful! i just love it.. i especially love the words written .."comfortable".....finally renee is at peace and comfort.

happy birthday sweetie pie, emma! the big "0-8"..that's meredith's age!! hope u have a wonderful day!


Dot said...


Karin Bartimole said...

She is a beautiful little dreamer. A very Happy birthday to Emma!

I also wanted send my shared sympathies with you for the loss of dear Renee. I know how much she loved you when she first wrote to me of you, and also said I had to visit the blog of artist Bella Sinclair!
While I miss her, I am so grateful she is free from the suffering she has endured for so long...
much peace, Karin

hanna-happenings said...

Beautiful image... oh, the butterflies.
Happy Birthday to Your girl, and Happy Mum´s-day to You Bella!

(My daughter was born on the 14th of March.)

deepazartz said...

So serene a it! Such innocence and so pure an all the elements. Every tiny bit.

Happy Birthday, Emma!

ps: Do chk my blog...I've something for you:)

theartofpuro said...

All your illos are so sweeyt and delicate!And your art always give a sense of peace!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Happiest Birthday Princess Emma!! I hope that it is filled with hugs and kisses and frogs that turn masterfully into handsome princes. I hope that there will be cake and ice cream and dances with sllk scarfs and sweet tea! May you heart sing with joy and love on this your very special day. Your birthday!
I know that it's been so so heavy my dearest.
Sometimes so heavy you just wonder when it all when end and will I ever be happy again. I believe that these times come to make us appreciate one another in very real and intimate ways. All the surface stuff just drops off to the side and we see things not as we would like them to be, but as they truly are. They are not always lovely and sweet. Sometimes they are down right stinkin' horrible and ugly.
I have learned to embrace this thing called death in a way that I couldn't before. For some of us it has been one terrible untimely death one after the other. Kind of like a storm that just won't let up and just when you think it's over something else comes to knock you down again, but the question is do we stay down or do we get up and live our best lives. I plan to love hard even if it hurt to my very soul. I plan to give and to be loved. I know that it will cost me and so will hurt me and I will hurt someone. Not on purpose, but someone will miss understand my hearts intent and yours and others. I think that the very best gift we can give each others You, Ces, Diana, Anne, Deb, Pete, Eric, and a host of others, is that we love our families, take care of ourselves, be supportive and encouraging to others and live our best life. That is a wonderful gift. Your husband and Renee would want you to live your BEST life! In doing so we honor them always. You know that I love you with all of my heart and soul. YOU are a beautiful soul. It shows in every illustration and every comment you make. Hugs to you and the girls,
Love you best!

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Bella,
I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost your friend. Stay strong!

Your art is always delictate and very beautiful.


Ribbon said...

Bella your illustrations and words are wonderful.... Always.
I am always filled with joy when I leave here.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.

best wishes to you and your daughter on her birthday.

have fun

x Ribbon

Barbara said...

Bella, I love that you drew that over a letter....was it one from Renee? She will be greatly missed by all who loved her....and by those of us who only knew her briefly. Your art says so much about your love for her.

Happy Birthday to darling Emma! Such a magic day for little girls!

Jenea said...

Haooy birthday Emma!!!!

justdoodleit said...

Love the reassuring tranquility of the illustration...Gentle breeze caressing the green slopes mottled with poppy blossoms - A perfectly magical place to await a long lost friend for some Tea and familiar banter.

Happy Birthday to little Emma :)

Amalia K said...

Your love for Renee is such a sweet, sweet proof of how beautiful your heart is. Life is amazing, isn't it? When we lose a loved one, it always has something else that reminds us of how precious it is... that our life is still blessed with so many other loved ones to hold. So happy birthday, to dear Emma, I'm sure she'll make wonderful memories for you and a whole lot more! oxx

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Bella,

Love your beautiful tribute for dear Renee. She is going to be missed, by so many, but always remembered.

Happy birthday to dear sweet Emma, may she have a wonderful and special day! and send a big hug to her wonderful Mother.


Faruffa said...

so wonderful, so sweet!!!
a big big hug Bella from your blogging friend Vittoria

Nicky Linzey said...


Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

JooJoo said...

God bless her :( I hope she rests in peace xo

Your illustration is so beautiful and sweet as always, such a soulful atmosphere...I'm sure she will like it :)

Big hugs dear Bella!

Debbie said...

I was so sad to hear about Renee. Your painting is such a nice tribute to her and your friendship. love, debbie

Janine said...

This is wonderfull, it must be the garden eden.
I feel so sorry for you and Renees other friends and family.
I am sure, you have now one guarding angel more.

Nina Crittenden said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!
So sorry you lost your friend, Bella...

Amalia K said...

Bella honey, would you believe me that I wanted to give you a 'sunshine award' a couple of days ago?? Strangely enough, I couldn't write any comment on your blog, and it was the only way I knew how to reach you! So I figured you must be busy... Anyhoo...I still want you to have it because you've been such a darling sweet to me!! (^_^) oxx

caren said...

So beautiful! Happy Birthday to Emma....can't wait to read what you did for your b-day.

Anonymous said...

Everybody should feel like a princess on their birthday :0)

Mónica said...

So sorry for your loss :( beautiful and emotive words and illustration for Renee.
Happy Birthday for Emma.

audrey said...

In an email, Ces told me about you, how much she loves you, what a wondeful artist you are, what an amazing person you are, and that I must come over to meet you and tell you that she sent me.
So, I'm here to say hello, Bella. I have come here a couple of times before to see your art and read your posts but I've not left a comment in the past.
How could I ever turn down the chance to meet someone who Ces says is one of the best? Your illustrations are sweet and beautiful, Bella. Your words are beautiful as well.
So now I will come back on a regular basis to get to know Ces's most loving friend.
♥ audrey

get zapped said...

Such sad news. This illo is so touching and precious, much like life. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Bella, beautiful work, as always. I have an award for you - come check it out on my blog.

Peter Breese said...

Beautiful piece Bella. Certainly a tough loss for everyone and the blogger community. She will be missed.

Hang strong my friend and happy birthday to the little one!!

tera said...

I am so sorry about your friend.
Your art is lovely, though, and I really like the inclusion of the text in this one. Reminds me of some of the art I see people draw on old French post cards.

encaracolada said...

I am sorry Bella. I hope you are ok.
The illo is so charming and cute.
Happy birthday to Emma and a big hug to you

Amy C said...

so beautiful, happy birthday to you beautiful little princess

soulbrush said...

yes my heart is empty too, it just doesn't seem possible that she isn't here any longer. rest easy dear renee, and happy happy birthday to emma, and lotsa kisses to you and the have had to be very brave too in the past year.

Valerie Lorimer said...

This piece is stunning, Bella! Wishing Emma a terrific birthday...and what a beautiful tribute to your friend, Renee.

Shirley said...

What warmth I feel from your loving illustrations. The amount of love you have for Renee is enormous..and that is certain. So little in life is certain, isn't it?

I hope that you are well - it's been awhile since I've popped onto the blog, but I wanted to check in and say hello and hope that you are well. I am still climbing my mountain of work, but will be back to check in sometime..I wish your little one a wonderful birthday! Hugs, Shirley

Ces said...


I can comment on your blog but I can't comment on mine.


Eric Barclay said...

Happy birthday, Emma!

Wonderful way to honor Renee... Sorry for your loss.

deb said...

your art is so beautiful. no words for such talent.
I've been thinking of Renee today, visiting some of the wonderful people she touched.

hope your back is better

Shelly said...

This picture is beautiful and it gives me peace ... I find myself looking at it over and over again...xoxo

voz said...

I've been out of the loop and away for a while. Coming back to see all this, I am sorry for your and your friend's family's loss. You are such a big heart, Bella, I know you made her life richer for being part of it, as you say she did for you. And your artwork always reflects that. *hugs*

Ces said...

Finally! A comment section less than 100!


Blowing is an instinct. It does not need practice, unless one just wants to adopt a certain style.

Oh the word verif is "tzingly"

Ces said...

Hmn. I have all this room to comment...

HeatherU said...
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HeatherU said...

I love this! It's beautiful :)