Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swimming in Sunshine

Look what's on the other side of the rainbow.

I was recently inspired by aimee's gorgeous photographs of a field of sunflowers and her adorable flower girls.

Summer is beginning its gentle fade, the bustle of a new school year is just over the horizon, and a new home is blossoming around the corner. If all goes well, we will be moving into our new home in about a month's time.

Hope you are having a sunny day.


Ces said...

Beautiful! Beeyoutitul! Ah yes, she is back, the one and only Bella Sinclair. Life is good once again.

Carol Lawecki said...

Lovely illustration! I love sunflowers. I'm happy to see you blogging again. You've been missed. Is your new home near family? Good luck with your new home!! Sending you joy and happiness :)

Hugs, Carol

voz said...

Oh so lovely (both the photos and the drawing) and I'm glad you've been able to find the other side of the rainbow. Enjoy the sunshine.

The Philip Hone Gallery said...

Congrats!! As always, I love your work, wonderful, charming and lots of fun!

Valerie Lorimer said...

This is truly beauitful, Bella! It's so joyous and happy and sunny.

Delwyn said...


your art is so uplifting and energising, so warm and charming...

thank you and best wishes for all of this newness in your life...

Happy days

Caroline said...

Hello Bella! What a sunny picture - glad you're feeling that way. A new home on the horizon too - good luck, my friend!

Ces said...

Hello my dearest Bella dahlink! I just wanted to come back here to show you that I washed my face because this drawing deserves more attention than a scurvy-ridden drunken pirate's comment.

You know who is the happiest person in the world because you are drawing again? Yessssss! Cessssss Si! I love your art. I love your style. I love your FPOT and your median nerve and your flexor digitorum profundus and sublimis and your palmaris longus that know how to behave and therefore let you continue creating beautiful art that makes my heart sing! Here let me kiss your carpal and metacarpals! TSUP! TSUP! BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU!

aimee said...

GASP! ack! i have no idea what to say except WOWEE and thank you dearly. my girls are going to flip over this when they see it in the morning. it is more beautiful than ANY picture i could ever take. and like you did with the cuppa cuppa tree, you have made me look like a pleasant and decent person instead of the semi-toxic griper i usually am. thank you for that!

so glad to see you back in doodleaction - hugs and love! A

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely to have you back Bella.
The illustration is so sweet of the sunflowers and girlys.
Wising you the very best with your new home and the start of the school year for the Girls.
Enjoy the sunshine.


ps. I have passed on an Award to you, if you are interested.

kj said...

gulp: you and the girls, bella. charming, hopeful, adorable, sincere, brave.

and don't think i don't look for and appreciate 'my' shadows!! i love your shadows. no one makes them like you do.

it is a joy to see you back here. your spirit is awesome.

(i know you are going to dismiss my compliments. save your energy. everyone knows i'm right) xoxo

linda cardina said...


i wish you could see my smile.....it stretches from ear to ear. i am speechless....


Drama Mama said...

I loved the fields of flowers from Aimee's site, and it's even better in your sweet as can be doodle...I especially love the title.
Thanks for sharing a little sunshine with us!

Andrea said...

Your work is so beautiful...thank you for sharing.
I hope all is o.k. with the fire situation, and that no one has been seriously hurt...it looked so close!
Take care,

Diana Evans said...

Hi Bella!!! what a wonderful piece!!! and so perfect for me too...my soon to be released book is about sunflowers...you will love it!!!

I am so happy that you are back with us and hope you get all settled once you move into your new home...


Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahaha, look at your beautiful face!
My darling Ces,
I must confess
When life's a mess,
You make it less,
You are the bessss-

Hello, Carol. Hey, I remember you like sunflowers! Thank you. The new home is very near family, and family is a good thing.

Konnichiwa, Voz-san. Yes, it was quite a climb. Rainbows are slippery suckers. Who knew. Thank you!

Caroline, thank you so much. :)

Thank you, Valerie. It's time to let the sun shine in.

Delwyn, you are so sweet. Thank you. Buying a home is the ultimate in retail therapy.

Thank you, Caroline! I hope you brought your sunglasses.

Aah, aimeeee, my sweet. I'm relieved you like it. And you are so not the semi-toxic-griper. Semi-intoxicated, maybe...especially on Tuesdays, but most definitely not toxic.

Thank you so much, Carolyn! Enjoy it, I will. Now if you be so kind as to pass the sunscreen....

Oh, Miss KJ, she who lurks in the shadows. :D This is supposed to be a picture of our very own citizen of artsyville and her two ittybitties. Thank you, you are too kind.

Liiiiinda! Ah, but I DO see your smile! It is that glow I see to the east. Man, what brand of teeth whitener do you use?!

Drama Mama, thank you. Though aimee's photos can't be beat. Ever.

Thank you, Andrea. The fire is well north of us, though it's so huge that it looks close. Many homes have been lost, and a few lives have been lost. Tragic.

Oooh, Diana! I can't wait to see your beautiful sunflowers!!! Thank you, dear friend.

Valerie said...

Very cheerful picture of sunflowers and cute girls. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Bella. Glad you are back. All best for your new home.

Patricia said...

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers!
A field of sunflowers brings a lot of sunshine and happinez :)

Sunny days xoxo

Arija said...

Bella, this is beyond beautiful! I enjoyed the original as well. Thank you.

encaracolada said...

really beatiful!!!

Owl Eng said...

Absolutely beautiful and full of hopes!! All the best to your new home and your girls' new school year.

clairedulalune said...

Beautiful drawing Bella, the best of luck with your move!

Liza said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog Bella. It's lovely to see your beautiful work online again. Good luck in your new home! x

kj said...

aha, bella... but an easy mistake to make, since you and your girls are stepping into sunflowers too. and you and aimee are to me kindred souls as mothers and artists. did you know i am a secret student of aimee's? i quietly follow her and watch how she sees and interprets the world. it's been the most fun.

you know, you have brought an exhaled joy to blog world through your grit, courage, and now your increasingly impish return to art and fun. what a relief you are doing so well. makes me so all around glad.


Ces said...


Hmn. That was very very good!

I is allergic to pollens and I just inhaled whole sunflowers!

Does you loves fresh carp?

Ces said...

By the way, you have a very lovely palmaris longus! May I kiss it?


Huh! The word verification is cialin good thing it did not end with another letter.

cindy said...

i'm here via aimee and your painting is absolutely terrific!

laughingwolf said...

best of luck in all things, bella, and i hope the girls like their new school...

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, Valerie! Thank you. I cannot imagine how anyone can look at a field of sunflowers and not feel inspired.

Sunny Patricia, yesss! And sunflower seeds, don't forget all the delicious sunflower seeds.

Thank you, Arija. Ahh, nothing beats the original. :)

Encaracolada, many thanks. You have an adorable avatar, by the way.

Thank you, Owl Eng. Lots of new things to keep us busy and distracted.

Clairedulalune, thank! Want to carry a few boxes for me?

Thank you, Liza. I enjoyed my visit with you and will be back again.

Wow, KJ. I'm humbled by your words. Aimee is a great teacher, isn't she? She's taught me to open my eyes and laugh at life's quirks.

Hahaha, Ces! My, you must have elastic nostrils. I love fresh carp. I love it still warm. Perhaps with kernals of corn? And I would gladly exchange my palmaris longus with yours if it would help your problem. Do you have any cialin for my flaccid FPOT, by the way?

Hello, Cindy, and welcome! Ahh, a tourist from artsyville!

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you, Mr. Wolf. Ha! Like it or not, they have no choice. They're still going.

Ces said...


I love Art. I love Art on Cialis. THWACK!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!


OMG. I need to go for a walk. I really need to get away from your comments. Don't take it personally, I love you but I have to go for a walk. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


Oh God! I love you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

OOOOOHHH! The word verif is antso. Say what?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I'm late, I'm late for this very important Swimming in Sunshine date! Oh man, How did I sleep on this. You know you are like one of those Ninja flowers on T.V. It just looks like a little seed and then BAM!!!! It's a rose in full bloom. This is beautiful. I can actually feel the sunshine from it. It's soft an beautiful Bella!!! Oh but did I have a scream reading your comment this morning. A fluffy girl trying to lose this gut so I can see what I ain't seen since Zoe is hurting and then I read your monolog and then the wicket laughter in the background! OMG! I will be sure to eat some of the that cake and see if it has that effect on me. Some how I just don't feel like it will. hee he he hee! In a few day a surprise at you door!! At least that's what the post man said hee he hee! Email me when you get it!
Love you like a fat man loves steak!

Bimbimbie said...

LOL*!* I just spotted Ces's makeover;)

Thank you for the words you left me and I'm wishing lots of sunshine days for you and your girls amongst flowers of every imagining*!*

get zapped said...

Darling. I feel like I'm walking along with them. Perfect closing of summer .

Ces said...

Eye patch! What eye patch? That's a black magnifying glass!

Jennifer R said...

i'm so glad you're back on the blogosphere bella. i hope you are very well.


Eric Barclay said...

Really beautiful work. I could look at this all day.

kathi said...

What a wonderfully happy drawing!
I can tell you are on the sunny side of life now. I wish you all the best!
So glad you are back!

Anonymous said...


Shugar said...

Ah this is just lovely Bella! :D

caren said...

So adorable! I would love to be walking through a field of sunflowers! How exciting to be moving to a new home.

Renee said...

Oh my God Bella, it is beautiful. Just beautiful.

I love you.

Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Bella I forgot to tell you that I just saw location on your profile and I expected to see Japan.

I love you even more.


Bella Sinclair said...

Antso very happy with her sisterfriend.

HAHAHAHAHA, Miss V!!! And I love you like a model loves her laxatives.

Bimbimbie, Ces's makeover is divine, no? I have some very scary flowers in my imaginings....

Zapped, get your sunhat and take a walk with us. And maybe some bug spray.

Ces, and I suppose that's chocolate milk around your mouth?

Hello, Jennifer. Thank you, and I hope you are very well, too.

Good, Eric, because I could sit in this field all day.

Ah, Kathi, the sunny side of life. Yes. Thank you.

YOU are glorious, Peggy!

Thank you, Shugar +1 !!! How are you feeling?

Hi, Caren. Yes, exciting. But I'll be glad to settle into a new routine.

Renee, do you love me more when I am closer? If I stand next to you, will you explode? xoxoxo

justdoodleit said...

Oh! Such a joyous image. Sunflowers always radiate a pleasant warmth, much like this illo :)

Amy C said...

such a blissfully wonderful and adorable scene, I love sunflowers they just shout out happy to me.
Wishing you lots of luck with the move.

Nina Crittenden said...

Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day! What a darling illo, Bella!!!

messyfish said...

Hi Bella, this is awsome! I am loving your art as always! thanks for sharing...

Thumbelina said...

Thank you for taking the time to find me and leave a comment.
Good to know you are still moving onward but still keeping the warm fuzzy bits for yourselves.

Ces said...

Knock! Knock!
Speaking in hushed tones…
In dimly lit room…
my voice…
Finds its way
to your ear…
Dawn is breaking…
Outside in the halls they scramble…
Alarms ring...
Pagers go off...
Harried footsteps and sounds of humans and machines…
Echoe in
the hall…
Muffled voices…
But you are inside…
In bed…
Bleary eyed…
Now listen to my
hushed soft
and gentle voice…
You feel the gentle resonance
of my voice against
your earlobe…
sweet minty
fresh breath…
Listen my dear…
I have to ask
you a favor…
But first…
A good morning
to you Ms. Bella
I am your friendly
night shift nurse
My name
is Ces…
Did you sleep well?
I'm here to give you a shot.
Where would you like it?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Yes, so I see you've met our beautiful night nurse Ces! I'm your friendly Vampire... I mean phlebotomist. he he he he. You guys are crazy! LOL!

BT said...

Oh that is so beautiful, and I saw the photo that inspired your lovely picture. Beautiful. I do hope you're soon settled in your new home.

Bella Sinclair said...

Justdoodleit, thank you. I had to put on my radiation suit to draw this. I got mine at Target, $14.95.


Nina, more and more beautiful days now. Thank you.

Oh, Messyfish! I've missed you! I must see what you've been up to lately.

Yes, Thumbelina. I like warm fuzzy bits.

Hello, Nurse Ces. How about in the fuzzy warm bits?

Holy Moly! Night Nurse carrying large needles, Vampire V....get me some coffee. I'm staying awake tonight.

Hello, BT. Yes, can you imagine? I have never seen such an expanse of beautiful sunflowers like that before. Must have been amazing.

RockerJewlz said...

What a lovely gift your sunflowers are. I had looked forward to a family visit where I'd get to see an enormous field of them in full bloom but then I didn't get to go after all so I missed that experience.

Your drawing, however, made me feel I didn't miss them, so thank you!

Ces said...

Good morning! Bring some sunshine over here! Overcast! Angry skies! Angry, that looks funny, that is a funny word "angry" ... a-n-g-r-y. Look at that. It looks odd. It come's from Old Norweigian word "angr" meaning sorrow or German "angst" meaning fear and the Latin word "angor" meaning anguish. Don't you just love words?I love the English language. It rocks! Now look at the word "obameate" (devoid) - origin: Modern American meaning empty, fluff, smoke and mirrors, false hope. So!

Good morning!!!

Dusik said...

Bella! yay! you are back, i am so very happy!

/singing "let the sunshine in"/

thank you for all your wishes, i wish they come true :)

my head is spinning with all those changes. we have moved into a very children-friendly neighborhood, now i am only hoping for one more change

Bella Sinclair said...

Hi, RockerJewlz. Boy, I would love to see an enormous sunflower field one day. It would make my heart skip a beat.

Good morning, Ces! And tell me, what does Bush mean?

Ah, beautiful Dusik! Let the sunshine in. Hoping one more big change comes your way..... That would be real sunshine indeed.

soulbrush said...

what a very happy illo, and that is what i wish you and the girls, lotsa happiness in your new home.xxx

Ces said...

"bush" n.

noun: something resembling or suggesting a low plant or shrub, or as a thick, shaggy head of hair.

noun: something that looks like a squirrel or skunk on top of Cess's head

noun: uncultivated land

noun: a tavern sign

in politics: a big disappointment; someone who paved the way for the obamanation; someone who has 2 grand of my money

slang: we know the that.

I don't think you want to ask me again for the meaning of another word?! HA!

Marie S said...

This is so beautiful Bella.
And the best wishes on your new home!!
Love and hugs.

Nicky Linzey said...


Baino said...

Nice to have you back and drawing Bella. I hope all is well with you and your family.

Ces said...

Knock! Knock!

Fish delivery!

I comes to deliver your fish order!

Uh! Uh! You want to knows this word verification:


Vinegar Woman said...

Miss. Bella! Ms. Bella!

I comes to deliver your vinegar order!

Coconut Woman said...

Did you order a coconut? Your coconut is here!

Stogie Smokin' Woman said...

Does you wants to smoke my stogie?

Fat Woman said...

Look at all the sunflowers! Dat's a lotsa sunflower seeds!

Ooooph! I really needs to lose weight!!!

NOO! The word verifcation program sorta knows me! It says "ovehyt". Oh wait, it should say "ovewyt"

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you, Soulbrush. I wish you lotsa happiness, too.

Aw, Marie. Thank you so much.

Hello, Nicky! Thanks.

Thank you, Baino. It's nice to hold a pencil again.

HAHAHAHAHA! Look, it's the merchant sisters! Come in, come in! We will have a great big fish dinner. Adobo, perhaps, if someone will be so kind as to prepare it for me. And something encrusted with coconut and sunflower seeds. And afterwards, we will sit back and smoke stogies and paint with bananas. Ah, that is the life.

Ces Without Her Dishes said...

I know how to cook adobo, I will prepare it for you and pansit too. I will also clean the table and wash the dishes after the dinner then I will draw for you! HAHAHAHA! I am such a "slysoc". HAHAHAHA!

sPamela said...

Is someone spamming you with silly comments?

Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you so much for the comment Bella!! I am so glad to see you are back! Beautiful little piece!


Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you, SG.


...oh...let me...catch my....breath...


sPamela, you are a salty one!

Ces Without Her Dishes said...

Whoever gave you that idea? That would be the ultimate adulteration of pansit.

I wants to "imulati" Bella Sinclair.

Bella Sinclair said...

I likes being imulatied.

Renee said...

I feel it dearest friend. I feel it.

Love to you.

Renee xoxo

Fat Woman said...

I cooked for you but you did not come to dinner, so I ate everything. OOOOPH! I am sooo full. I am sooo fat! Really, I am.

Tammie Lee said...

Your art is so lovely. I can see that you were indeed inspired! I wish you a life of peace and happiness in your new home. Thank you for your sweet visit. Wishing you and your loved ones the best. Tammie

Emila Yusof said...

This is so beautiful Bella! Thanks for dropping by my blog!! It's great to hear you're doing well!

Danielle McDonald said...

Such an emotive illustration. I can almost smell the summer breeze.

Ces said...

Good morning my dearest Bella Sinclair!

Oh what a perfect way to wake up. I read your blog and I listen to Bailero.

Now there is a smile etched on my face. So I shall march to the kitchen, take out the Fiesta Sunflower mug and brew coffee.

I shall think of you today as I finish one painting and start another.

Good morning my dearest friend! Have a truly wonderful day!!!

I love you.

Annie said...

Wonderful painting Bella! Thank you for coming for a visit. I am glad that things are going well and I hope your heart is mending.
Happy moving! xoxo

Fat Woman said...

I is da fat woman eating cheetos and drinking coke, blogging, while Daisy sleeps between my feet under the desk.

How ya doin' today doll?

Oooph! I can't get up. I got stuck to my chair.

Somebody! Pull me out from this chair!

Fat Woman said...

I am fat woman and is telling the other fat woman in her pajamas to takes a shower. She look likes a dragon with her karazy hair. She put ons a cap thinking it will tame her medusa obongata hair but it only makes her looks like a dat coke can ran over by a tyre. Her head is falat! Takes a shower I say and blow dery the gorgon head hair! I is no painter and I tries to paints another woman and she look likes a cadaver! Hmn. I should tries painting a istill lifes. The word verif is telling me to use a "hyphan"

Fisherwoman said...

Oh please help me push this fat woman into the shower!

By the way, I love your sunflower drawing.

Gai said...

beautiful images being expressed. Gentle and peaceful with a different journey on the horizon. all the best with everything. look forward to your next illustration

Tree Hugger said...

Good morning! I am time travelling. I just want to say hello to you and your lovely epsilons while I am watching a golf tournament in Las Vegas Nevada between Billy Casper and Gene Littler. It is 1962. I like what the spectators are wearing - pumps, dresses, pearl necklaces, purses, shades.

Xavier Salomó said...

hi, bella.
The If's story "Adapt" is gorgeous.
Congrats and regards!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Only YOU, Ces and Eric get 87 responses to your post hee he he! It's a true testament of how much people admire you work and have to come over and over again and again to leave comments. he he he!! I love it! Keep swimming in the sunshine and floating in the love babygirl. Hugs tills your purple!

Ces said...

What is the Super V talking about? I never get 87? Maybe I had 187 changes in avatars and headers but not comments!

And why are you counting?
And rhyming?
This Monday morning?
What's got into you my darling?
Okay, I am beginning to sound so boring.
Good Morning!

Ces said...

How can I paint when on my feet
is dainty Daisy so sweet?

And last night my brain got smart
and discovered that I can blog while doing art.

Except I get distracted
My eyes are protracted

When email which by the way, I hate
Pings me with one I cannot negate

It takes a special someoneto turn something I despise
To something I really want and feel so sad when I don't get an email from my sisterfriend because she makes me smile and makes me very happy. So there! I can't think of anything that rhymes with despise.


Ces said...


You make me laugh
My eyes tear up
and my heart is light.

You are an absolute brainiac
always ready with a retort
that's funny and bright.

You are definitely more astute
and quick because your FPOT
is much more sprite.

Than my aging bones
and wrinkled face
yet I smile with great delight.

You are the shining star
the lovely mysterious clouds
and the sun giving light

But HARK! It is all quiet,
the laundry machine has stopped
To the line! Clothes, Ready to take flight.

Somehow these do not jive
Laundry, blogging, rhyming, Puccini
Oh this is so trite!

Ces said...

You ant
in pant
using dictionary
is no cheating
Wise words from Fat Woman.
Wiser still
I go and do another load.
Later my sweet.
I'll return
and once more
I tweet!
I hungry,
You got Spam?

Ces said...

Oh god, this is begging for a race to one double zero!

Aeli Cortucci said...

Hello! I love your blog and this drawing is fabulous!

Nekkid said...

I is so cold. Does you have a jacket. May I wears your jacket?

Nekkid said...

I wish I am living in my new home. She relegates me here in the corner and it is hot!