Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Little Music Maker

A few weeks ago, my older daughter Nona had a violin recital. She played Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement, by F. Seitz. For weeks, I had listened and tapped loudly in rhythm as she tried to master a particularly difficult part of the music and the dog ran neurotically in circles. I'd watch, heartbroken, as she would grimace in frustration and whip her bow angrily through the air, threatening to break it in two. But on the big night, she held her composure and aced it, every single note. I was so proud and so happy and so relieved. As luck would have it, though, my camera ran out of juice, so I have no pictures, no video, nothing but the vision in my head. So this is my tribute to my daughter Nona, my little violinist.

Thank you all for your visits and wonderfully uplifting comments. I appreciate them all. We're busy preparing for our trans-pacific move and making the rounds at sayonara events, so I haven't had time to visit all your blogs. Please forgive me. I will hopefully return to normal in a few weeks. Thank you, thank you!

Bryce Canyon, Utah

And thank you, Yoon See, for the adorable Hello Kitty figurines! Can you believe it? She made and painted them herself! She is talented in so many ways and always, always generous. We love them, and I couldn't wait to climb them!


Ces said...

I LOVE these!

I just love these images. Nona's illustration style is quite different, a rather classic style that evokes remembrances of the great children's illustrators. I like it very much. I would like to see more of those.

How clever of you to incorporate the Hello Kitty fiugrines with Bryce Canyon and aptly place the young climber Emma.

While your daughters are a source of joy and happiness to you, your celebration of their accomplishments is a source of joy to us.

Thank you Bella. You will be missed as you go offline even just for one day. It will be a day of extreme drought for me and I know the petrichor that it creates will give me extreme pleasure when I hear that first word on the end of the line, "Hello!" and then "We are here and we are home!"

All of sudden the sun shines brighter in North America!

Ces said...

Oh and one more thing: how fitting! Nona balancing precariously on a stack of dishes with Oz entranced as she captures that difficult note. That cerebral cortex of yours - HIYAAAH!

Arija said...

Bella you show such remarkable courage scaling all those kitties!!
Congratulations on your persevering, talented daughter. In 3 weeks time we will make the 3,000km round trip to Sydney to attend a concert our youngest granddaughter is playing in. We were thrilled that she got a B+ for her 4th.grade violin exam. The Prof particularly as the violin was his instrument too.
Where are you moving too?

Becky said...

Congrats to your daughter, that must be hard to play.My husband played guitar he was very good.Good luck on your trip be well and safe.God Bless!

Manon Doyle said...

A big congrats to you daughter Nona! I love the piece that you made her Bella!
Good luck on your move! I hope to meet you in AZ soon! : )

Janine said...

Ohhh, oh the painting of the little music maker is so precious.
What a wonderful painting.
I love your art deeply.
Have a good day

Silke said...

What a great piece you made of your daughter's recital. I am so glad it all went well for her!! And the piece with Hello Kitties made me laugh. You are so darn creative!! Good luck with your move and good-byes! :) Silke

Björnik said...

So brilliance runs in the family eh? I think notes and violins are for the genius to understand and no matter how hard I try, I couldn't grasp why there has to be a frog and tutti on the scale.

Stunning illustrations Bella, I like how you captured Nona's triump, her being lost in music in front of the audience and the frenzied Oz.

Congratulations to Nona!:) I can imagine how proud you were that night and too bad Oz didn't witness it.:)

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Bella!
Uau this is such a beautifull illustration! There is something really peaceful and timeless about it...Quite like a special memory!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Bella!!! I love that your daughter plays the violin....I take mine out every so often and Cole just loves to hear it.....

Wishing you a safe and sound move and can't wait to see you and your work again....

and wow ....Yoon made some cool pieces...what a talented friend!!!


Renee said...

Bella wee Nona is a little dream. I love that she plays the violin. When she was playing could you even see her through the tears.
At things like that I would always start to cry.

I love your tribute to Nona, both the picture and the words.

The little Kitty Yoon See made (3) are so adorable. And I love how you have drawn them for her.

Have fun at all the parties and be in the moment and remember that magic is always afoot.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Charmaine D'Silva said...

This piece for your daughter is enchanting. Very lovely. I will miss reading your blog while you are away! xoxo

TattingChic said...

Congratulations to Nona for such a big accomplishment of her violin recital! You have every reason to be proud.
That is so cute that you photoshopped the Hello Kitties into the canyon photo! That was sweet of your friend, Yoon See, to paint them up for your family!

Good luck with the BIG move! I knew it was coming up quick! I hope everything transitions as quickly and smoothly as possible!

I look forward to seeing you back online when you have settled. In the meantime you can email me if you need anything, dear friend! :)

Shelly said...

Bella! While having tea with my sister yesterday, she showed me the loveliest little book. I’m like “oh wow, Bella had a book made” ( you should have heard us, we were talking about you like we gave you birth - so proud of your accomplishments), anyway, I had been entranced by your Flower Girl series and thought I knew what I was going to find as I flipped through the pages, but I did not expect that surprise ending – loved it! You, Ces and Renee surely have danced together, somewhere at sometime. We are a family of book lovers, from the covers to the dedications to the illustrations – what a wonderful gift; you must really be as amazing as Renee tells me you are…xoxo
Congratulations on your daughter’s recital, she sounds as gifted as her mama.

Faruffa said...

Adorable Bella!!!
a lovely tribute to your daughter, her music and her determination to achieve targets :o)

aimee said...

yay nona!! good for you for acing every single note - and hats off to your mama for a beautiful drawing of you.

and good luck with the move! your hello kitty totem pole from yoon see is the cutest - i love how you transform snail mail art into such cool, collaborative pieces! :)

The Gypsy said...

Sooo cute, the balancing act, the music, everything. Lovely. So cheerful and optimistic - I'm a hopeless optimist!

Cheryl Lynn said...

I am so happy for you and your daughter. That is a major accomplishment. Your tribute is wonderful. That is a beautiful illustration.

We appreciate you, too, Bella. Your illustrations bring a smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts. Your talent is undeniable.

May God bless you with a safe trip and you will be missed.

Ces said...

Congratulations to Nona and I thought that was Emma climbing. I think it's you, are you sticking your tongue out?

Check it out! The word verification is "sessel"

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Bella,

What a sweet, gentle post ~ love your little Nona.
Congratulations to Nona and how very very proud you must be of her.
That is so neat that she plays the violin ( my Mother does too )

All the very best with the packing Bella ~ I suppose it will be hard leaving the place you have called home for a while.

Take care and look forward to hearing from you when you are able.


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, Ces, I think your illustrated women are having a great impact on me -- tall and willowy. Now all I need are designer suits. I am trying to stock up on as much Ces-time as I can so I, too, can get through the drought.

Arija, a family of violinists! How delightful! I hope she has a marvelous performance. She has loving grandparents, indeed, who travel so far to hear her play. And we are moving to the desert in Arizona.

Hello, Becky! Oh! My younger daughter wants to learn the guitar. Actually, that's not quite true. She wants to learn the ukulele.

Thank you, Manon. How exciting that we might possibly meet one day!

Janine, thank you so much. I adore your art, too!

Thank you, Silke. Scaling those Hello Kitties was a pure adrenalin rush. I'm afraid of heights!

Ha, Bjornik! Playing the violin takes no more genius than mastering chess. As for the notation on the sheet music...well, it means you should be careful where you lick. You might taste tutti fruiti or you might taste (ick) frog. Close your eyes, stick out your tongue, and live dangerously.

Thanks, Francisco. Believe me, the weeks leading up to the performance were anything but peaceful. :)

Diana, you play! How wonderful that you still enjoy it. And I can picture little Cole dancing around!

Renee, darling! Yes, Yoon See is wonderful, isn't she? And you are right, I was seeing rose-colors as she played. But maybe that's because I held my breath for so long!

Hello, Charmaine. Wow, that is a sweet comment. Thank you.

Hi there, TattinChic! Haha, a Kitty Totem would be a sight in the canyons, wouldn't it? I could have used some of your tatting thread. Thank you, dear friend.

Shelly! Thank you so much for your visit and those touching words. It thrills me to no end that you enjoyed the surprise ending. I wish I had added all of Renee's sisters in there, too.

Faruffa, thank you. Yes, she is quite a determined little girl, and I love that about her.

Aimee! Thank you, sweetheart. I should have put the kitty totem in Big Sur, don'tcha think???

Hello, Gypsy, and thank you. I'd rather be a hopeless optimist than anything else!

Cheryl, awww, thank you so much. By the way, are you horrified that I don't put any cool shoes on my girls? ;)

Ha, Ces! Back again. I don't know about the drawing, but I was sure sticking out my tongue while drawing it. It's very sessel, ya?

Thank you, Carolyn. Yes, it is a little hard to leave, but we are looking at this as a new adventure. Onward!

Brian Lue Sang said...

Wonderful illustration, Bella. You can really see the love you poured into this one. I wince just thinking of moving and hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family. Hope to see you back, running at full speed, real soon!

peggyfussell said...

Congratulations to your little violinist!! And what a great drawing you did! I've been through that wringer so many times with piano lessons. Fortunately my daughter cannot yet pick up the piano and throw it. Otherwise we'd be in big trouble.
It is so nice when they go on and pull out all the stops for the recital. Makes it all worthwhile!
Best luck with your move!

Loni Edwards said...

Congratulations Nona! What a wonderful tribute for her. Beautiful! The figurines are adorable! Good luck on your move. How exciting! Get back online soon, we will miss you, Bella!

angelique said...

What an absolutely beautiful blog! I just love your work...and that book...WOW.

Josephine and I would just like to thank you for the special gift. If possible, you gave us a bigger smile than the ones on the cutlery.

All the best to you in this big move.

kj said...

bella, a different slant and a way cool collaboration--i love them both. the canyon background made me laugh out loud.

the word verification is travelwellandsafely. :)

Shugar said...

oh that's lovely... glad everything went well at the concert! :)
Oh and good luck for your move! I'm hoping everything goes well and smoothly for you and your family :)

Renee said...

Bella I had a houseful of people who are all going crazy over the book.

At one point, I was like 'Did you wash your fucking hands? They totally look dirty.'

I felt like saying 'put the holy grail down now.'

Love Renee xoxoxo

justdoodleit said...

This is simply adorable. Your children's drawings are blithesome and soaked in cheerful innocence. They invariably transport me to another universe, like the 'flower girls' series.

Congratulations one the Little Music Maker's success!

justdoodleit said...

make that

Congratulations ON the Little Music Maker's success :)

Ces said...

Hahahahah! I am chuckling at Renee's comment about the "Holy Grail" and dirty hands! Hehehehe! (And how she enunciates the F word so well - HAHAHAHAHA!)

MONICA said...

So nice tribute to your sister recital, i can listen the music, thanks :) good holidays
kisses and regards for you.
I love your style

Renee said...

I hope Nona was very proud of herself.

By the way the dirty hands comment was to one of my sisters who is almost 60. You should have seen the looks I got.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is so touching and wonderful. It must have been so awesome to see and hear her. I know she made you proud. I just adore the picture. It's so full of love. hee hee hee! great work. Your great work, your beautiful and talented babies. I wish you all a very safe trip. I will miss you even for just a day. I will need your new address so I can you know what hee hee hee! Love ya

Owl Eng said...

They are very beautiful!! always uplifted by your incredibly lovely characters! Love the creative approach to the climbing

theartofpuro said...

Love these images,your style is so creative every time

laughingwolf said...

grats NONA, very well done, young lady :)

and fret not, bella, do all you must to make your move safely, we'll still be here when you're ready :D

aimee said...

i don't know the story behind renee's comment but it still made me laugh. hard! :)

yoon see said...

Wow! Bella, these are so lovely and beautiful! Truly thumb up post, dedication to your daughter Nona.
I really can feel the connection how a vionlist play and express themself. Eventough, I don't play the violin but my sister did. She was so into music and she played the piano and violin all day long.

I always think it's a good education must come complete with music.
A child with music education is reliant in all field.
Music has been a very good way to express one's emotion and to bring joy to the world besides art.
We can hear music from everywhere, the bus, at home, orchestral....

I am sure Nona has gone through many trainings and practices under a violin master. She is readily a young talented musician in your family and community.
I can feel how proud and contented you are dedicating this super cheerful illustration with musical score to her.

Practice makes perfect. The time you spent encouraging her, pick and accompany her to the music school and concert......are priceless.
That's what my late father was doing. He always sacrificed his precious time for me....just like you do for your children.

Thanks for putting up the Hello Kitties. There are so beautiful in collaborated in your piece. Your ideas are always a surprise to all.

Pleae email your new address to me when you finally settle down in US Bella. I will send you a thank you card in return.
Thanks for your most thoughful & finest gift. The package came in on Monday, as I was not in, I only collected few days later.
I super love it because it's a gift of love, I want to celebrate our fiendship Bella. Love your outstanding hand writting., just so beautiful!

I will say, everything with Bella are beautiful.
You turn normal art into a treasure.
You are always my role model Bella.
Nona and Emma too got such a great mother to look up too.
My wish to your daughters: May yours weeties following your paths and developing into a great loving human being just like you.

Happy weekends, guess you must be super busy now!

the enigma said...

bella, i've missed so much of your illos! 'parade' is as cute as ever, 'adapt' is brilliant, love them all!

M.M.E. said...

That is a great illustration! I'm so happy to meet another illustrator. Did you create it entirely on the computer or is it partially traditional materials? I'm a classical pen and ink girl myself.

Bella Sinclair said...

Brian, thank you. I'll get back up to speed, but I have to warn you. This sedentary girl hates running.

Peggy, haha, that would be sight, wouldn't it -- cracking a piano in two. Thank you for the good wishes.

Thank you, Loni! Believe me, my heart will be blogging, even while I'm packing and unpacking.

Angelique, thank you for your visit. I know that cutlery grin very well. Your mother makes me smile like that all the time.

Thanks, KJ. Wow, that's some awesome word verification!

Shugar, thank you so very much!

Earth to Justdoodleit. How is that other universe?! Send me a postcard!

Monica, thank you.

Renee! ACK! You crack me up! I can totally picture you saying that, too.

Ces, yes, her enunciation is quite excellent, isn't it? Renee uses that word like an artform.

Hey there, Miss V! Thanks. And I'll be sure to send you the new address. Oooooooh, how exciting!

Owl Eng, thanks! I think Sanrio should really build a Hello Kitty totem for me to climb. Don't you think?

ArtofPuro, thank you, thank you.

Laughingwolf, by the time I get back, you'll have your puppy! WOW!

I know, Aimee, I could hear you from here! :D

Oh, Yoon See. Of all people, I knew you would appreciate the gift of music and the privilege of learning it. Thank you for such lovely sentiments and words. I will be in touch.

Enigma, wow, thank you!

M.M.E., hello! I LOVE pen and ink. I play it safe with pencil and eraser, though. This is pencil that I scanned and then digitally colored and added the sheet music background. Thank you for your visit!

yoon see said...

I have just put up the gigts that you gave me:)
I hope you don't mind that I put up the Hello Kitties piece in my blog, I really love it!
Sorry, as I read thru. again the previous comment. So many grammar mistakes and typo errors.
But I have so much fun expressing myself with the speed typing all from my heart!
Thanks Bella:)

By the way, Nona is in what grade (violin)?
Did Emma also take up any music or drawing lesson?
I guess many times you can guide them!

Peter Breese said...

Beautiful! Great story and what a happy ending. The violin is no easy instrument... of course none of them are :). Great illo and always loads of fun to see a new Bella work online.

Good luck with the move and enjoy the dry heat when you get there :). I miss it.

Amy C said...

what a fantastic and beautiful tribute to your daughter, the music background is wonderful.
Hello Kitty in Bryce - that is so perfectly fitting. I saw Bryce for the first time a few years ago and it really is magic fairyland.

MONICA said...

Lovely image. I've included a translator in my blog in order for you to have the content in English. Regards. Monica

Renee said...

Is it a day over two weeks that you will be home?

The air will smell sweeter here in the north.


Renee said...

Ha ha Bella. You are something else. I was showing my book around today. Of course I was.


Renee said...

Au contrare Bella. I am referring specifically to you. You who are a hint of fresh air.


Dusik said...

these are adorable as usual Bella! i always visit your blog looking for some "adorableness" and "cuteness"...

your daughter is a little fighter! she seems to have a strong character. awesome!

Tomás Serrano said...

Wonderful and delicate illustration.

caren said...

Bella ~ did you hold your breath the whole time Nona was playing? That's what I do when Ashley is dancing! I guess I think it helps! lol Congrats to her (and you) for her flawless performance!

Thanks for visiting me and safe travels to you!

Marie S said...

I love the image of Nona. It to me, is like a peek in your heart of the moment.

Yoon See's kitties are just awesome. What a wonderful photo montage.
I will miss you while you are away and wish you a very safe return.

word verification "joyed"
Life is so perfect

esque said...

Congrats, Nona! What an accomplishments! And what a wonderful tribute!

I wish you all the best for your move; I know it gets stressful at times, but drawing will help! :)

yoon see said...

Hi Bella, thanks for dropping by and your kind comments.

When are you moving back to US.
Any prayer requests from you and your family?
Safe journey travelling.
You need to find a good school and music school for your nona and Emma.
You need to re-adjust your lifestyle living from Japan to US.
Security of your husband's new job.
The economy slowly pick-up first in US.

Hope all are in order.
Bella, I have just given feedbacks on my blog's posts. If you are free, pls. drop by and have a look. Thank you.
Good night Bella!
Normally at this time around 11pm, have Nona and Emma slept?
How about you, do you have to stand up late?
Hope you have some good rest.

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful illustration. Good luck with the move!

Paulina Lombardo said...

Nice illustration that I like the background music score.
Gorgeous!!! ^_^


Ces said...

I am feeling the drought already! Let me smell that petrichor man!

Ces said...

What?! You are moving back to the US?

donny* said...

absolutely love such whimsy on a background of sheet music. your work is truly great.

Renee said...

Bella yes it is us waltzing. I love it too.

You will laugh because Wahid was looking at the book today and I could hear Nathan saying to him 'Dad you are turning the pages way to rough.'

har har

Love Renee. Moving in two weeks today. Exciting. xoxox

kj said...

bella, if you'd be so kind to stop by my place when you have a chance, there's a hearty award waiting for you.


Bella Sinclair said...

Yoon See, hello! I'm glad you like the Kitty mountain. :) Nona just completed her 5th year with the violin. Emma just began learning the piano. I am trying to teach her, but I am lazy, and she is lazy.

Thanks, Peter. Hey, how about the kazoo! The kazoo's an easy instrument. Is it an instrument? Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

Hi, Amy. Yes, I agree. Bryce is testament to Mother Nature's magic.

Monica, thank you. Thanks for including the translator, too!

Hello, Dusik. Yes, she has always been a determined little girl. Thank you so much. And let me know when the "adorable" and "cute" factor gets overwhelming.

Tomas, thank you. Where's my pineapple cake? :)

Hello, Caren! Haha. Well, I manage to breathe, but I cannot help but rocking or nodding to the rhythm.

Oh, Marie, thank you. You are sweet, and yes, "joyed".

Esque! My inspiration! I'm glad you survived your move. Oh, how I envy you!

Hello again, Yoon See. :) We fly back to the US on the 22nd. I used to be a night owl, but these days, I poop out rather early because of the kids.

Eric, thank you....HEY, you have a new avatar! Nice!

Pau, hello! Hahah, I wish I could take credit for the music score.... I'm sure Feitz would thank you.

CES! Ack! No, I'm not moving, of course I'm not moving, who said I'm moving?

Donny*, thank you so much! I like your asterisk. Do you have a footnote? :)

Renee! I cracked up! Ohhhh, you have taught your boy well.

KJ, thank you!

voz said...

So great. I think that imagery perfectly captures the precariousness of playing a difficult piece. :)

GOOD luck with the move! I hope it all goes smoothly. Ganbatte kudasai!

isay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
isay said...

congratulations to your daughter Nona. I love violins much more the person playing it. now i realized why your artworks (not to mention that you are so talented)looks so perfect it's bec. there's music in your home.

good luck to your moving.

'been so quiet, too bec i am still looking....

God bless and best regards

thefridayfrog said...

:))) this is wonnnderful, bella! best BEST of luck with your move back this way. japan will be sad but what an amazing life experience you must have had! :)

xoxox froggie

Nina Crittenden said...

COngrats to Nona! Well done! Good luck to you and your upcoming move!

Renee said...

kisses xxx and hugs ooo

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

And Bella in that house we were always allowed to have friends sleep over. None of us ever wanted to sleep out. Now I look back and I know why.

You could sleep with me, Shelly, and Mickey.

Push over Bella....

Love Renee xoxo

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Bella Bella I've missed you! I havent come for a visit for so long, and I can see I've missed so much! Im so proud of your daughter too - what an achivement! And this tribute to her is the most perfect way to make up for your camera running out of juice. Bravo!

Nicky Linzey said...

Good Luck with your move Bella, hope all goes well.

Connie said...

This delightful image is full of love as it should be, inspired as it is by your clever little daughter! Good!

Shannon said...

Congrats on your daughters concert!

And I love hello kitty, those are a beautiful gift!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Bella, I know that you are getting settled and all. Everyone is missing YOU!! YES we all are thinking about and miss you so much. I hope that all is well with you and the family! It takes time to get settled and we know that you will be back in time. Praying for you!!
Hugs a plenty

Emily said...

This is great Bella! I hope you keep all these little pieces in a scrapbook safe and sound so that your children can enjoy your love and inspiration in years to come! Good lkuck with the move, be strong!

~Valentina~ said...

Congratulations for your daugther! *LOVE* your work, it is really beautiful!

Renee said...

Bella, so funny. har har.

How are the parties, how is the nightlife and the disco high......?

Are you partied out yet.

Almost home doll.

Love Renee xoxoxo

kathy hare said...

such a beautiful image and a wonderful tribute to your daughter..

Marie S said...

Hope all your packing is going well!
Miss you,

Diana Evans said...

Hi Bella!!!

you are as sweet as always pop by and say the sweetest things....thank you for being so wonderful!!! I can see why Ces speaks so highly about are a wonderful person!!!


Renee said...

Sending you big OOO and big XXX in case you need them.

Love Renee xoxo

Omi said...

Lovely blog, looking forward to exploring some more!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hey, Miss Bella. That Nessa is really something. She is a riot if ever I knew one!

I wish my pocketbook said Manolo or Stella McCartney!

Yes ma'am. I am working on my illustration blog. YAAAAY!

Have a great weekend.

Art Fan Ako said...

Lovely classy illustration. I hope you guys celebrate!

the enigma said...

hi bella, congrats for your daughter! too bad for the camera, isnt it? :( but, the drawing is lovely and i'm sure your daughter would appreciate it. anyway, my new picture profile is an ink drawing i made from an old photo of mine, when i was 5 or so. ^_^

Renee said...

You know Bella, I never even thought of it and yet at the same time I did.

When the nurse was telling me about chemo and the doctor was telling me my results, it was as if I was a computer (mechanical as you say). I went right into what do I need to do.

So I think you were right, but in the meantime, I'm unsure as I just pushed emotion down a hill and got into robot mode.

Have fun with the crunch, the exciting parts of it, that is.

Love you to the moon and back Bella.

Love Renee xoxo

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Well done Nona! Bravo!

Renee said...

Have a good day dear friend.

Love you.

Renee xoxo

Sue said...

Bella -- I am a friend of Ces from work. I've been following the flower girls since she showed me the early ones. I showed them to my sister-in-law and niece while I was in Chicago last week and they loved them too. They are so peaceful and uplifting. Thanks for sharing your work.

Jasmijn Paauwe said...

so wonderful

donatella said...

Your daughter's determination is admirable. And no doubt, she is musically gifted. She is definitely going to go places. I know how frustrating it is to have that one important thing missing when it is needed most. Anyway, even if you were not able to take pics, the memory of that wonderful performance would stay with you forever.

Anna said...

Such a gorgeous little drawing! shame about not having any footage or photos but this is just as stunning and will bring back those memories im sure!

Ces said...

The symbolism of Nona's portrait is staggeringly impressive! I have been looking at this and seeing her balancing herself on a stack of breakable dishes no less, yes, that is a remarkable illustration of how I would have felt watching my child perform a daunting piece in hall full of people! You are brilliant, but you already know that!