Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flower Girls Project: Nos. 11 & 12 of 12

Finished! Yaaaaaaaaa!

And Emilia found where the wild roses grew.

Miss Linda and Miss Yoshie, we love you. We do!

Thank you for keeping me company on this mission and for all your encouragement to keep plodding through it. And only one casualty to report. Not bad, not bad at all.


Ces said...


This is perfect!

You are perfect!

Ces said...

Oh girl, I am so proud, so happy. Oooh!

I love you so much!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, no. Kind of anti-climactic, but it is what it is. Thank you sooooooo much for keeping me laughing throughout. You kept me going, Ces, really you did. I love you!!!

I'm just glad it's over. Woohoooo!

Ces said...


I am almost chocking from being so overwhelmed. I actually have to get out of your blog because I am beside myself. Oh Bella, you are so good. I don't think you know how good you are. My head is about to burst and my neck is pounding. I am so beside myself. This is the most beautiful art series ever. I have never seen anything like this in the blogs since I started blogging.

I don't see any reason why we can't buy a copy of this series. It is a sin not to make this available. Oh I may have to quit my job to be your agent!

Ces said...

I mean choking. I can't think straight. This is too overwhelming.

Silke said...

Just wonderful! So incredible. What a talent you have! :) Silke

Bella Sinclair said...

Good heavens, woman! Get a hold of yourself! It's not as incredible as some OTHER series I've seen here in blogville (you know who you are, and yes, the abecedarian is one of them). You are definitely biased, but that's why I love you.

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you, Silke!

HanamiGallery said...

aww its over T_T you should really make calendars and stuff with your work. i think it would totally sell! even prints and such would sell too!

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Wow, don't give Ces a heart attack Bella!

This is beautiful, I especially love the last two! Well done!! You must be excited its all over and be able to start on some personal projects :D

I can't wait to see what goodies you have next :D


aimee said...


i'm speechless.


they're beautiful, bella - you've used your illustration gift so generously and preserved all of those little girls just as they are. their parents will treasure these drawings for so many years. in a few years, when you've recovered from this amazing effort, hopefully you'll look back and treasure them, too.

celebrate. you did it. :)

Kenia Cris said...

Very beautiful work. :)
Take care and keep smiling.

Nina Crittenden said...

So lovely!
Thanks for the giant metal space baby pic, too!

linda cardina said...



esque said...

Hey, congrats! They all turned out so wonderful! I'm ready for your next series!

Loni Edwards said...

Congratulations Bella! They are beautiful!

Renee said...

Absolutely amazing Bella. Just fantastic. And the picture of the kids around the teachers. Amazing and so heartwarming.

Bella you did an incredible job and what a gift that the teacher will keep for ever.

You have created such a work of art and an heirloom for someone.

Bella these were such a joy for me to look at, sometimes when things were harder than others and I could look at these cute little faces and scenes you did it made me feel better.

Love Renee xoxo

Dusik said...

congrats on successful completion! and wow is it amazing! the girls, the flowers, and the teachers! wow...
your imagination can be sold as a real estate!!! ha ha ha!!! amazing!

aimee said...

just checking, does your japanese phrase mean "finished" or "yaaaaaaaa"?

Edrian Thomidis said...

Congratulations! You didi it! You finished a wonderful series. A true work of art! You must be so excited! I am sure the teachers will be so thrilled and overwhelmed with emotion. I love how you finished it with the teachers and all the girls gathered around them. So touching!
Time to celebrate!

deepazartz said...

Absolutely stunning Bella!!!
Perfect!!!There's so much tender & warmth in your works. I just Love it!
Congrats on the Successful Completion of your Great Grand Project.Everyone is already in love with it...
You go girl!!!

Have a Stunning Day!

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations Bella!

Didn't you do well ~ they are all so beautiful and sweet and I think you are so talented.
When are we going to see a book from you?

Have a beautiful week.

yoon see said...

Congrats Bella!
I have been following all your posts since I knew you last year and the flower project is excellent, too bad it has come to an end....but I know you will have new project to come...very quickly:)
I am so blesses to know you.
Keep up your good work Bella!

yoon see said...

I also given you the uplifting award, pls. go and check it out!

platitudinal said...

Yaayyyy!!! :)
I am so happy that you finished your Flower Girls Project. Each one of them is a masterpiece. Well done, Bella, exceedingly well done! Now take a break and eat some durian ;D

Bella Sinclair said...

HanamiGallery, haha. Well, maybe one day.... Thank you!

Hey, Kaili! Well, Ces made my head blow up. It's only with retribution that I attack her heart. ;)

Aw, thank you, Aimee! Yes, that is "Finished!" in Japanese. "Yaaaaa!" would be : ヤー!

Kenia Cris, thank you. I'm smiling!

Thanks, Nina. And nothing says love like a giant metal space baby.


Hiya, esque! Thanks, but you'll have to wait a long while. :)

Thank you, Loni.

Gee, Renee, that meant a lot to me. Thank you.

Hahaha, Dusik! And at a very cheap price, too!

Edrian, thank you. I know there will be complaints, because I couldn't get all the girls in the last one. At least you can't see who's who.

Deepa, you always make me smile. Thank you!

Hi, Carolyn! Thank you. I have a whole shelf full of books. Which one would you like to borrow?

Oh, Yoon See! Thank you for your kind words and the award. You lift me up, too!

Luci, HA! Yeah, I'm gonna buy that $40 spiky thing and gobble it whole!

caren said...

AaHHHHHHHH! You finished!!! I am so proud of you! What a great present for the teacher. She better hold on to those - someday they will be worth a TON of money!

By the way, Ashley and I laugh a bizzillion times a day about "Hoof Hearted"! I thought she was going to fall off the chair when I read your comment to her! Thanks for making our days!!!

kj said...

i am not commenting on your success, talent, perserverance, humility, uniqueness, and otherwise wickedly playful and goodly temperment.

not yet...


isay said...

Congratulations! i enjoyed the journey....


Ces said...

I have not felt differently about this series yet. In fact my feelings are more intense

Bella Sinclair said...

Haha, Caren. Thank you! Hoof Hearted in the lead!

KJ, aw, nuff said. Thank you. :)

Howdy, Isay. The journey has left me tired. You?

Ces. If you became any more intense, I fear you will become a human black hole. This was comment #5 for you, but who's counting. ;)

Janine said...

These painzings are so beautyfull,
I love the way you paint the childrens faces. They look so radiant.

Janine said...

Silly me!!!!
I thought that your lovely paintings remind me of japonis art, of the cherry- blossom- fest and so on.
And now I see that you are from japan.
Anyhow your paintings are so lovely.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Thanks for your visit and the kind and encouraging words.

Have a great Sunday and I'll be sure to keep you abreast of my progress.

Kudos and Kisses!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh, and I forgot. These works are just a delight to behold. I look forward to other series in the future, (including my own! hehe!)

Ces said...

Oh my God! You called me a "Black ho--" Oh my God! That is so politically incorrect if I lived in Dallas. A councilman is tried to get that term 'black hole' banned because according to him it is a racist comment. Oh yeah what is Stephen Hawking and the other physicists going to use? "Overly pigmented hole"? But this is the Flower Girl series and I digress.

TattingChic said...

OMGosh! These illos are DARLING!!! So cute and sweet! Those are just precious! :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Heehee, Janine! What can I say. You know your art!

Cheryl, thank you! Keep me posted!

Hey, Tattingchic! Thanks so much. :)

WHUH?? No freakin' way, Ces! Racist??? I'm sorry -- what a fool. I don't understand. "Black" is not derogatory by itself. Maybe he doesn't like the word "hole"? What kind of hole is he thinking of?! Overly pigmented hole. HA! This is #6.

Caroline said...

Oh, Bella is all really over now?:( I've so enjoyed sharing your journey and can't wait to hear what the teachers will say when they receive this amazing collection! I day Brilliant, and now take a well deserved rest!
CAroline xx

JooJoo said...

I LOVE them all! So innocent! I love the colors too, so soft and lovely! :) One casualty is absolutely ok ;)

BT said...

Oh how sad that it's all over. These are as beautiful as the rest. That rose! My my. Are they going to be put on all at once?? Pleeeeze?

I have no idea how you go about your wonderful art, your pictures are so unique and gorgeous. When will the pictures be handed over??

RockerJewlz said...

You even got one in with the girls and the teachers...I love it! I particularly like the final drawing with the little bits of red for contrast in the ladybugs...what a fun journey of anticipation this has been for all of us!

Snowbrush said...

I really like the top one!

voz said...

おめでとう! How exciting! I love the teacher picture. So cute.

I forget how these are all getting presented. Are you putting them together in a book to present?

Thanks for bringing us along, it was fun seeing you tear your hair out----I MEAN come up with such great ideas. I hope you feel good about the end product, they're super pieces.

Shugar said...

Wooo... congratulate yourself on a job well done! :)
Every single one of them looks great... yes, even the 'casualty'! :)

MONICA said...

Just wonderful!
Nice week :) congratulattions

Ria said...

Finished! Yay! Good for you..... And many more to come I suppose? *wink*
Love it love it love it.....

Ces said...

Is there aquota here? What happens if I exceed my comment quota, do I get expelled, BLACKBALLED, send me to an alternative blogworld? Hmn?

I like Emma peeking from behind the rose.

Bella Sinclair said...

Caroline, I already have my feet up, dreaming I'm on your peaceful beach. Minus the sandflies!

Hey there, JooJoo! Thank you. Yes, one out of 21 -- 5%. Not bad.

Hi, BT. I'll hand them over in June, on the last day of school, right before I leave the country.

Thank you, RockerJewlz. I like ladybugs. :)

Hello, Snowbrush. Thank you I used to have ballerina roses in my garden. Loved them.

Voz, ありがとう! Yes, I will put them in book form. Ah! That explains my bald spot!

Shugar, thank you so much! I did enjoy that casualty.

Monica, thank you!

Oh, Ria, noooo, noooooo!

Good morning, Ces! Love your new avatar! #7. hehehe

Owl Eng said...

Wow wow wow!!!! not enough wow can express my amazements at these 3 pieces of great art. I just want to stare at them for hours and hours

Renee said...

Good morning doll.

I love the two little girls peeking out behind the rose too. So adorable.

How is the move coming? Are you packing up yet?

Lots of love and have a good nights sleep with wonderful and meaningful dreams.

Love Renee xoxox

the enigma said...

bella, another fantastic work!

laughingwolf said...

wunderbra, grats bella! :)

kj said...

okay bella, i need your help. i am probably the only person in blogland who doesn't understand
1. the mistake(n) drawing--i want to see it! or
2. the last drawing--the rose. don't tell me THAT is the casualty because it is my FAVORITE of all.

i've given myself the luxury of wandering back through this whole series. these children of yours could and should teach grownups how to play. you capture that so well, which is clearly because you have a playful heart. that playful heart deserves front and center in your life, ms. bella. i hope it is so!!!


Raluca C said...

woooooooW,WOOOOW BEEEELLA!!!Wonderful,WONDERFUL projekt you´ve made!!!The little girls are so incredible sweet and the stories you create for each''flower-relation''are soul-melting!
Dear Bella,I really hope I´ll see this little girls stories published!You are so incredible talented!!!Have all my BIG admiration!!!
and ''domo arigato'' for the ''safari''

Brian Lue Sang said...

This is such a wonderful, delightfully uplifting series, Bella.

Well done!!

Renee said...

So glad you are up. We need you (as in I need you) on you know who's blog. She is too funny.

What will you toss. Why not keep most of it, I bet all of it, even the junk, is keepable.

Are you guys excited?

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Wolverine oowww ooowww hoowwwllll.

Nip Tear, Nip Tear Lick.


Renee said...

Bella I was thinking he could nibble on my snatch first, as I have a bit of a yeast infection and I would like the itch taken care of.

Back to the move.

I think the simpler the better too. For me, I am such a purger and in the position I'm in now, I always feel no one is going to want this shit, and so I am always getting rid of things.

Back to my snatch.

Hugh, Pronto.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Ces said...

Whut? Renee recruited you again?

Oh crap, you are making my head grow big, it will soon explode. I think they just want someone to listen and I am a very good listener because I don't retain all the crap details, so I am not a good gossip. And I never personalize it unless I really love someone.

Renee said...

Any actor that tries to play in a Red Riding Hood movie. I will be the casting director and say 'could I see your tongue please.' Thank you very much.


Ces said...

Your shoulders are Better bella, more shapely. Mine are just like a wad of thick cotton towel.

I am so confused. I have never seen a Hugh Jackman movie. All I konw is he was the emcee for the Grammy Awards.

Ces said...

Hello Gamera,

You can always talk to me.



Bella Sinclair said...

Owl Eng, wow wow wow, thanks for the sweet comment!

Thank you, Enigma. :)

Laughingwolf, are you offering me a Wonder Bra?

Shucks, KJ, thanks so much. I have a playful ticker, eh? The casualty was the poor girl who got sucked by the Venus fly trap.

Oh, Raluca. You are too sweet. Please, no melting souls here. :)

Thank you, Brian. Did you say "uplifting" because Laughingwolf offered me a Wonder Bra?

Renee, Ces, you two are the biggest nuts I've ever had the pleasure of laughing with. Wait, that sounded kind of wrong....

Ces said...

Hahaha. You can say we are a trio of nuts but that would be very abnormal. It is almost always only a pair. Two nuts are too much, three is overkill!

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Thankyou for the birthday wishes!

kj said...

no bella, not a playful ticker; a playful heart. there is a difference as you already know...


Carol Lawecki said...

WEEEEE Congratulations on completion!! I'm sad and I'm happy all at once. Such conflicting emotions. I'm sad you are done with the series. This drawing is charming and the one with the teachers is a perfect ending. I'm happy too that you have completed the project and can now draw some new and exciting pictures.

I agree with the everyone else, you should make the prints available. The series is truly lovely! Thank you for sharing your artwork on your blog. Visiting your blog has been such a pleasure.

Are you getting packed up yet? Do you have a move date?

Wishing you all the best!! HUGS!!

Shelly said...

Bella, your flower girls are adorable - I would have fainted from happiness if this had been done in a class any of my children had attended...those lucky, lucky parents, I am sure they will be over the moon!

Renee said...

And Bella to us who love our children so well. It is so difficult to see these children.

Maithri is an angel. An amazing and gorgeous angel at that.


ValGalArt said...

You have done a magnificent job!!! I looked at all of the other ones you did and the video you posted and really enjoyed myself :) Thank You!

Senta said...

Bella!! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! (gasp) I am in love with them...

Nicky Linzey said...

What an achievement! They are beautiful Bella, it is lovely to think how much they will be treasured and probably passed down through families as heirlooms.

Faruffa said...

Bella, I love the small and delicate flowers girls world ... they make me dream and I hope to see them again soon!!!

justdoodleit said...

Yay! flowers girls were engaging & so much fun. Hope they'll be back soon by popular demand :)

Andrea said...

So beautiful! Congratulations!

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words. They really do help keep me afloat. Thanks for visiting!

Detlef said...

What a fabulous series. You should be very proud.

Amy C said...

such a perfectly delightful series, so cute and so beautiful and such a fantastic little world you have created, I still want to go there, in fact I am going to go there today instead of doing my work!

get zapped said...

Remarkable! I so adore your work!

Eric Barclay said...

Awesome job.

Renee said...

Bella you are so wonderful. I keep saying this shit to you and you probably think 'whatever', but I mean it. I sound like a broken record.

Anywhoooo...... I am totally on the mend. Yahoo. I can actually breathe without shitting myself.

You guys are amateurs, buttered rolls and a chunk of chocolate. Pa'lease.

Neither of you will ever reach 217 pounds if you guys think that is comfort food (especially in that quantity).

Love you both.

Renee xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

These illustrations are gorgeous.

Renee said...

Thank you. You had the exact reaction you were supposed to have for my daughter.

Love Renee xoxo

Björnik said...

Aaawww Bella. This is the best way to relax - looking at your lovely illustrations after almost two weeks of painting. The class is so lucky to have the perfect illustrator. I guess we'll be looking forward to prints of this wonderful series.

Have to take some rest now. Miss you!


Valerie said...

OMG! I missed the end... how could I?! i love the little girls esp the ones hiding behind the rose! OH, they are just so cute!