Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flower Girls Project: Nos. 9 & 10 of 12

Ooooh, the end is in sight! Can you feel the excitement?

Serena and Yasmin imagined fierce duels
(Voz, the peeper is for you.)

Amelie and Janice thought dew drops were jewels


deepazartz said...

My GoD!! Bella...each time I see your pics...I MELT!!! Its so adorable. What project are you into...I can see the proj numbers. I wish you all the Luck:)

Thank you for taking time to comment in my blog. I feel wonderful to receive a comment from you.

Thanks for giving the info abt how you do it. I am always in the learning mode...would love to learn about anything related to art.

Have an adorable day!

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous work Bella!! I was really surprised when you said you are self taught - Aren't you a graphic artist? Well you are amazing! How did you learn? Love ya lots! xx Kaili xx

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

PS. Thankyou for ALWAYS leaving such encouraging comments on my art! I love you for it! ...And there is no enying, I am short!!

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

*denying* (oops spelling)

Ces said...

Dearest Darling Bella Sinclair! The only other thing that can surpass the happiness and joy that I feel when I see your flower girls for the first time is the joy I felt when I saw my children's faces after they were born. My gosh Bella, you have no idea. Let me tell you, I AM ADOPTING YOU! You will never get rid of me now. I love you, your brain, your hands, Aaaw! Mama! I am keeping you forever!

Bella Sinclair said...

Deepazarts, wow, thank you. I am drawing each girl in my daughter's 1st grade class and will put it together in a little book for the teacher and the aide. My dear, I've seen your beautiful artwork. YOU are amazing!

Haha, petite Kaili! I can be graphic, but I ain't no graphic artist. Aside from a few drawing classes in school, I just enjoyed drawing in my free time. Talk about self-taught, what about YOU, you fantastic artiste, you!


Bella Sinclair said...

Ces, you cannot adopt me. I have already adopted you, you yummy tater tot.

Ces said...

Then whatever! I am soo beside myself and this is too much to take in a week! My neck is going to explode. Aaarrgh!

Bella Sinclair said...

Ew! Your neck?! Heads and necks and guts. You are turning me into those ladies who cover all their furniture in plastic, you know.

Draffin Bears said...

So so sweet Bella.
The teacher and aide are going to be so happy. I bet they will be jumping up and down .... with joy!

Please oh please, don't be one of those Ladies that cover their furniture in plastic, like Fran's Mother.


Patricia said...

Hey Bella

I thought you had a brake?
When does the teacher have his birthday?
These are also gourgeous!
Where did you get the inspiration?

Carli said...

oh no! I never want them to end the are the most adorable things ever. I love the flower girls

kj said...

aha! so these RHYME too! very clever, ms sinclair. these girls are going to be bowled over when they see themselves skipping and dipping through their little lives, and your daughter is going to beam like the northern star!

i could say more but who knows when...


Ces said...

Dearest Bella. I am back! I had to have some solitude to absorb and reflect all these wonderful gifts that I receive especially the joy derived from your beautiful drawings. As I was reflecting I thought of optimism and happiness. I heard a sermon this morning and some words of wisdom about these two things and I thought of you. You are a spreader of happiness and your boundless optimism affects so many people. Your happiness is truly contagious. I know we have times when we are not always happy but it takes a special person to really push herself in order to feel and share happiness. You are a prime example and so is Renee who rises above her own problems and manage to make everyone around her enthusiaistic, full of life and energy and even inspire others. You my dear Bella, should now be accustomed to these compliments and may I please just tell you again, that my life these days is so much happier because of you. I am able to share that happiness with others because simply put, you added more sunshine in my soul. And so your day is about to end. May you find peace and contentment and joy even if it is just in the simple knowledge that one human being in Texas is giving thanks to her Maker for making her life so much more wonderful. Thank you Awesome Wonderful Bella!

No need to cover the sofa with plastic my dear. I melted in my own home this morning from all the excitement but I am whole once again :)

justdoodleit said...

OMG! This flower girl series is so achingly beautiful, more flower power please :) and Thanks for stopping by my blog Bella!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahah, Carolyn! Well, I suppose to could wrap Ces in plastic instead.... Thank you for your sweetness and continued encouragement.

Hello again, Patricia. It was a tiny, tiny break. :) This is an end-of-year gift for the teacher, and just looking at the spritely little girls on the playground gives me inspiration. Thank you so very much!

Carli, you are so sweet! But if I don't finish these soon, I will start drawing demented little girls. Oooh, another series, perhaps?


Ha! Justdoodleit, Flower Power! Sorry to make you ache. :)

Oh, Ces, Ces, Ces, my dearest friend-sister. You make me cry with joy and longing just to hug you. Do you know why I'm happy and optimistic? It's because I have found a wonderful friend like you. I carry you in my head and heart, and that gives me sunshine. That I could bring a glimmer of happiness to one person in Texas makes everything I've ever done worthwhile. Love. xoxo

Ces said...

Thank you Bella, Now I am excited - YES!!! DEMENTED GIRLS - I will personally provide inspiration. HAHHAHAH Goodnight Sweet!

Amy C said...

LOVE so sweet - I love how she is checking our the jewels that is so delightfully fabulous

Renee said...

Bella I love them. That the little girls thought dew drops were jewels. Adorable.

I seriously know the teacher is getting this, but I mean really. This is just too much.

Angelique's middle name is Yasmin.

I love them.

How come you are still up. And what time is it there.

These are fantastic Bella.

Love Renee xoox

Bella Sinclair said...

Ces: Demented girls RULE!

Amy, yes, girls need to start young when learning to appreciate fine bling. Ha! Thank you. :)

Renee! I am 14 hrs ahead of you, I believe. You flatter me too much. Why am I still up? Good question. I'm off to bed!

Silke said...

Your art is so touching and just beautiful! I was reading that you are self-taught! What a talent you have!! What do you work in?

aimee said...

these are fabulous, B - i'm going to feel a little sad when you wind up this series. i feel like i've gotten to know them personally - all sweet ten of the twelve. i have to say, too, that i love their names!

Becky said...

Just so adorable.Beautiful!I see you were self taught?Amazing I cant believe it,LOL.I try to be self taught but hmmm.. its a bit difficult,LOL.Have a lovely day!

TattingChic said...

Cute! These are darling! I love the way you express your imagination on paper. :)

laughingwolf said...

love all of them bella... so sweet and whimsical :)

esque said...

Lovely! Me wantsa that froggy!

BT said...

Oh so adorable, so delicious, I want to eat them. You are an amazing artist Bella. I want to see them all, all together. But I'd probably faint.

studio lolo said...

Bella, this is such an amazing series! If you put any of your art into any kind of book it would sell a billion copies to the young and old! Your images are universal!

caren said...

Bella ~ I got a little behind -shame on me! Love your new drawings, I bet you can sigh a little sigh of relief when your little girl drawings are all finished. If you are like me - I like to do something I love but when I have a deadline, it's not so much fun -it's work! Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, love all the drawings as usual!


Loni Edwards said...

Oh these are adorable! I love it! Just fabulous! Bella you do such wonderfully enchanting work! :)

deepazartz said...

Bella...pls don't mind. I've an Award for you...its going full circle:) Still I want you to have this from me.

Pls come & see,come & see...soon:)

Tammie Lee said...

dewdrops are jewels!
as always I am charmed completely!

Dusik said...

ha ha! (at first it seemed to me that Serena is trying to poke Yasmin with a stick :)) )

the girls are so adorable!

Renee said...

Bella just came to look at th pictures again. I love the dewdrops were jewels that is so hopeful and magical.

Love Renee xoxo

yoon see said...

These are so cool!
I really love the funny beats of the girl sitting at the centre stage of the lotus:)
They are so playful entertaining their play...He..He..
The out piece, are they playing hide and seek here. Looking for some great adventure!
Thanks for droppinb by and comments as always!
Yoon See

linda cardina said...

BELLA!! i love these! u are incredible! they don't get anymore precious, sweet, adorable, scrumptious than the little dollies in your pictures. are you going to be drawing any little boys?? or is it an all girl school your daughters go to??

i'm still waiting for the day you do a cartoon..oh how i want to see those cuties come to life...

your almost done with your project!!! yay!!! woohoo!!

have a great day bella!xoxooxlinda

Manon Doyle said...

I just love these Bella! The backgrounds are also beautiful!

Renee said...

Thank you so much Bella, I new you would be on my side of the vampyre issue.

'obladee oblada life goes on and on for vampyres. have you noticed that she never sleeps.'

I seriously am worrying about you moving back to North America.

Let's ask Ces if she knows a dude named Lestat?

Love Renee xoxo

Ces said...

Madame Instigator Renee. AHA! So you are here rousing some trouble, no?!

Let me tell you I won't sleep again tonight because that's when I go live! Maybe you call that vampyre but in my line of work we call it Information Systems project implementation. We stay up at night so it will be the least disruptive. BELLAAAAA!!! You need to defend me here. Tell her she is out of line!

linda cardina said...

hahahahha ces your killin' me AGAIN!

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you so much, Silke. I usually work in comfortable clothes. Ok, that was bad. Just pencil and Illustrator for now, though I love the look of watercolor and may brave that one day.

Haha, aimee. I won't feel sad. And thanks, but I didn't name them. :D

Oh, hello, Becky. I didn't get very far with the self-teaching, though. I'm stuck with the pencil.

Tattingchic, and I love how you express yourself with thread!

Laughingwolf, you are so kind.

Heehee, esque! Ribbit.

BT, thank you so much. Now you've made me hungry.

Oh, Lolo, you're too funny. A billion copies you say?....

Caren, YES, I will be happy when they have all flitted away. Thank you.

Thank you, Loni. Your pieces are enchanting as well!

Wow, Deepazartz, I'm so honored. I'll be by.

Hello, Tammie Lee. Wouldn't that be nice? We could all be rich. Or at least decked out in bling.

Dusik! Ha! Actually, I heard two of the girls got into a physical fight the other day for real....

Hi Yoon See! Thank you so much. I'm glad I can provide someplace for you to escape for a while. :)

Liiiiindaaaa! Haha, yes, it's an all-girl school. Gosh, if I drew little boys, I wonder if they would end up looking like little girls. And better watch out what you say about Ces killin' you. She's a vampire, you know.

Thank you, Manon. The backgrounds are just scarpbooking papers that I picked up. :)

Renee, I have to agree with you that Ces IS some sort of superhuman or nonhuman. She sees and feels and does too much for just one ordinary person.

linda cardina said...

i knew she was a vampire!!!! i just knew it!!!

linda cardina said...

renee and bella,

i really do think ces has 2 or 4 personal assistants...come on ...she HAS to!!!

isay said...

so stunningly beautiful!

by the way, i received your hugs....thanks.

Caroline said...

Nearly done - oh, I'm going to miss seeing these little sweethearts - what will your next project be, I wonder. Something equally lovely, no doubt, you are so talented.

deepazartz said...

Thats a great thing to do Bella...So nice! I think I should come up with something like being the inspiration:)

And thanks for appreciating my artworks. It means a lot to me:)

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Bella, Once again, you have created such joy with these pictures. Ten done, two more to go. I am going to miss this series when you are done. You have no idea how much I have enjoyed your artwork, especially this series. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Do you know what you will do when you are done with these? Maybe another series of drawings?

What ever you draw, I know it will be fabulous!!!!!

Have a great day!!


voz said...

Bella, I'm tired of saying "I love this" about everything you do. Jeeez. Draw something substandard and crappy already, will ya?

(Thanks for the peeper! ♥)

Pygmalion said...

And just when I'm about to log off, I see these little jewels. I can go home now and think of these for inspiration. I love the frog, the jewels and everything that were blown up.

It really amazes me how you can capture moments without too much detail. Goodnight Bella!

Bella Sinclair said...

Linda, I agree. Personal assistants. She calls them her "epsilons."

Hello, Isay. There are plenty more where that came from. :)

Caroline! Hope you had a wonderful trip. Next project? No projects for a while!

Oh, Deepa! I would love to see a project like this from you!

Ha, Carol. My next project will be packing the house for our move. Not so sweet.

Voz, if you only knew. Crappy and Substandard are my middle names.

Why, Pygmalion! What a surprise. Hello? You still there? Hmmm, Pyg must have gone back to his pen. ;)

Peter Breese said...

These two are my favorites so far! Something in the colors. Hey, I updated that sketch, have a gander when you get a moment!

Paulina Lombardo said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love it.
Arrive at your blog by chance and I found this treasure site.
You are very Talens!


Ces said...

HA! My epsilons! You got it backwards! I am their slave!

By the way, what do you call that lamplike thingw here the girl is inside of it, I love how you did that! The details are exquisite. It looks so real.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hey, Peter, thanks a bunch. It would be so hard for me to pick out a favorite of yours. All your pieces are exquisite!

Pau, hello and welcome! Wow, thank you for that sweet comment.

Ces, you are too good to me. If it looks real to you, it's only because you have a fertile imagination. I call it Henry, but I think some other people might call it a stone lantern.

Flying Colors said...

This is absolutely adorable... I can't stop laughing :)