Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I’ve been tagged by the ever so sweet and multi-talented Yoon See. Actually, it was a triple tag, but I’ve been swamped with school duties and will only do the first one for now. (I hope that is ok, Yoon See.)

Handbag Tag
Here are the rules:
Find a safe quiet place free of significant others, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general. (If you're a guy just reverse this process to male and tell us about your wallet, tool box, briefcase or metro sexual accessory.)
1. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile.
2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents.
3. Be brave and 'splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.
5. Answer these questions:

Describe the contents of your handbag.

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
My wallet.
What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?
Trash, including old chewed-up gum in an old receipt.
What's the smallest thing in your handbag?
Ponytail elastic.
Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
Does the sugar packet I stole from Segafredo count?


I was also tagged by she-of-nimble-fingers and-wonderful-humor, TattingChic. She makes the most amazing -- and I mean amazing -- things out of thread. You really should check out her work. Mind boggling.

This Meme is about 7's

7 Things I plan to do before I die:

1. See my kids grow up and become parents themselves. Then sit back and enjoy the revenge.
2. Needle felt something really cool.
3. Make a tiny zoo of beaded animals for no particular reason.
4. Conquer my fear of acrylics and watercolors.
5. Have an incredibly beautiful garden.
6. Become good enough at playing the piano.
7. Become fluent in a foreign language.

7 Things I do now:

1. Sneak in extra cookies.
2. Surf the Web too much.
3. Draw.
4. Collect craft ideas and never do them.
5. Knit, but only square and rectangular things.
6. Curse the Enjoli commercial from the 70s
7. Buy books but never get around to reading them.

7 Things I can't do:

1. Paint
2. Accompany my husband to karaoke
3. Drink
4. Iron clothes well
5. Watch a scary movie
6. Accounting
7. Drive to a new place without getting lost

7 Things that attract me to the Opposite Sex:

1. Humor, humor, humor
2. Love for kids and family
3. Intelligence
4. A passion or talent for something, anything
5. Compassion
6. Sensitivity
7. Humility

7 Things that I say most often:

1. No way!
2. Oh, honestly.
3. Sure, no problem.
4. How high?
5. Go. To. Bed.
6. You drive me NUTS.
7. I’m sorry.

7 Celebrities that I admire:

1. Hayao Miyazaki
2. Al Gore
3. Tina Fey
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Paul Newman
6. Condoleeza Rice
7. Berkeley Breathed

7 Favorite Foods:

1. Lots of Korean
2. Lots of Mexican
3. Lots of Italian
4. Doughnuts
5. Ice cream
6. Cream puffs
7. Corned beef hash

7 People who need to do this:
You, if you want to. Please let me know if you do. They were fun, and I'd love to know more about you.


TattingChic said...

"How HIgh" LOL! I love it. I won't ask who you say that too, but I thought the fact that you cannot accompany your DH to karaoke was too cute! I love that you want to make a zoo out of bead animals for no particular reason. I want to see that when you are done! I loved learning more about you and thank you for your very sweet compliments. You are a dear bloggy friend! :)

esque said...

I love that you sneak in extra cookies (I do that with Oreos, I can't help myself)!

Bella Sinclair said...

TattingChic, thanks for the opportunity to do this! It was really fun, and it got my brain churning.

Esque -- Girl Scouts Thin Mints for me. I used to buy cases to last me a whole year. :)

soulbrush said...

this is great, i know so much more about you, i will be doing it and tell you when i do..thanks...

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooooh, goody! Can't wait, Soulbrush!

yoon see said...

Bella, I would like to join in, may I?
Thanks first.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, of course, Yoon See! I'd love to read your answers.

Ces said...

Oh I miised this. I like your list of foods and the fact that you have mini colored pencils to occupy the kids at restaurants. But honestly Bella, Al Gore?! :)

Bella Sinclair said...

I'm sorry, dear Ces. But at least I didn't mention B.O. I get points for that, right? :DDD

platitudinal said...

I like reading this post, Bella. I got 7 X 7 glimpses of you ... and they're all fascinating!

yoon see said...

I have just finished on these.
Thanks Bella!

Kate said...

I loved reading this!!!! I may have to do it myself. How fun.

Dusik said...

Hi Bella! thank you for supporting me in my worries for the istock submission! Oh well, what is destined to be will come, right?

Don't stress yourself out, as these "chants" are not for a housewife. Did you see the word "work" there? LOL.. those are all the expressions my husbands produces once in a while. Those in bigger type are the ones he says most often.

Anyways, I wanted to share the photo of my bag with you! Since I already participated in this, but with another blog, here is a link my my LJ blog post:

sorry for it being in Russian...hmmm.. maybe I should translate it. I will post translation there in a few hours, from work, ok?

Dusik said...

I have updated my post there :)

(i hope i didn't come across as rude or anything.. "work" i mean on top of all the home stuff husbands now want women to work too :)) this is like even worse then 50's style!!! :) )

Ces said...

You are the MOST INTERESTING person! I just love love love rereading these things about you. Magnificent. Oh I just love your lists! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Cream puffs!

Ces said...

Still shaking my head over Al Gore! I wish you'd edit this list.

Ces said...

I love these lists. Don't change a thing. I love you just the same. Heheheh1

Ces said...

Corned beef hash! Hahahaha! I will eat some this weekend, I think. I love coming here to the old posts and reading your words and seeing how I commented and noting that I love you from the very beginning and seeing how we became friends and Renee being polite and civil from the beginning and then BAM! --- fuck here fuck there. OMG HAHAHAHAHA! She had such a foul mouth and I loved her. Do you still admire Al Gore?